Entity Gaming win South Asia PMCO Fall split

(Credits: Entity Gaming's Twitter)
(Credits: Entity Gaming's Twitter)

After a gruesome three days competition, Entity Gaming has won the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split South Asia held in Delhi. The team has booked its slot in the Grand Finals of PMCO that will take place in Kuala Lumpur from November 29 to December 1.

Entity gaming finished 9th at the end of the Playin stage. The team was subpar in the Playins and it felt they were out of sync. However, Entity Gaming came to regional finals all guns blazing and their aggressive playstyle secured them the 1st position in the points table Entity Gaming won three Chicken Dinners on the first day regional finals, making their presence felt on the first day itself. They ended day 1 with 50 kill points, 71 position points, and 121 total points in six games. Aman was the MVP for Entity Gaming on day 1 as he landed 14 kills and dished out 1250 damage.

Entity Gaming hit a slump on day 2 as they faced an early elimination in multiple games. Despite the drop in the overall performance, Entity Gaming still managed to secure a single Chicken Dinner on day 2. A single Chicken Dinner ensured their 1st position in the overall standings at the end of day 2.

Entity Gaming poor form continued on day 3 and this affected their position in the overall standings. They slipped to 3rd position despite leading the table on the previous two days. However, made a huge comeback in game 17th of the tournament where not only they won the Chicken Dinner they also secured 17 kills. This was enough to guarantee them the first spot in the overall standings. Entity Gaming ended the regional finals with 92 kill points, 128 position points, and 220 overall points. Ghatak, Neyo, Ghatak, and Aman gave their best throughout the tournament and their hard work paid off. Aman won the overall MVP of the regional finals as he ended the tournament with 33 kills.

Entity Gaming played a high tempo game throughout the tournament, and they will carry the same playstyle to Grand Finals. Entity Gaming has what it takes to be successful on the international stage, and it would be a big step for Indian Esports if the team can shine in PMCO Grand Finals.

Aman won the MVP
Aman won the MVP

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