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PUBG News: PMCO Fall Split 2019 South Asia Finals Day 2 Results and Standings; Team Soul Placed at #2 Position

Soul Mortal
Soul Mortal
Tarun Sayal
Modified 09 Nov 2019

The Day 2 of the biggest PUBG Mobile Esports tournament PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split South Asia Regional Finals is finally over. All the teams played very well and showed fantastic gameplay in every match. A total of 6 matches were played throughout Day 2, and every game was very intense and breathtaking.

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After the end of Day 2, Entity Gaming is taking the lead on the points table with a total of 170 points and 2 chicken dinners. Team SouL and Synerge are standing on #2 and #3 position after 12 matches. After the completion of the next six matches, South Asia will get its winner, and the audience will come to know that which five teams will be proceeding to PMCO Global Finals.

Here are the highlights of PMCO 2019 South Asia Finals Day 2, along with details of every match.

Match 7 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Elementrix- 10 Kills

GodL Kronten was the first player who got the first kill in the map. ScoutOP from Fnatic added a couple of kills in the leaderboard with his deadly M416+6X spray. The first game had an intense finish, and Elementrix clan got Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with a total of 10 Kills.

Points Table after Match 7:

  • #1 Entity Gaming:134 Points
  • #2 RIP Official: 93 Points
  • #3 Elimentrix: 86 Points

Match 8 (Sanhok TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Synerge- 9 Kills

The plane took its flight path from Sahmee to Mongnai, and there was no early fight took place till the 3rd LAST zone. Due to the disadvantage of play zone, SouL Viper tried to do heal battle, but unfortunately, the damage per second was too high, which forced him to move in the zone. In the final zone, Synerge clan eliminated the remaining ETG Brawlers players and won the match with brilliant gameplay.

Points Table after Match 8:

  • #1 Entity Gaming:135 Points
  • #2 Synerge: 104 Points
  • #3 RIP Official: 98 Points

Match 9 (Miramar TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Mayhem- 7 Kills

The plane went through the heart of the map, i.e. Pecado and SouL decided to drop and loot there to get the extra benefit of the play zone. In this match, a lot of teams tried to play safe that left most of the airdrops unlooted. In the final zone, Scout was the only player alive from Fnatic and pocketed himself four kills in the last moments. Mayhem clan got the victory by eliminating ScoutOP.

Points Table after Match 9:

  • #1 Entity Gaming:142 Points
  • #2 Zero Degree: 108 Points
  • #3 Synerge: 105 Points

Match 10 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team GodL- 13 Kills


In match 10, Teams tried to avoid early fights so that they can get some good position points. But later on in the game, the play zone made an odd shift forcing the teams to make long rotations. There was a 2v4 fight between GodL and INS in the final circles. Thus, GodL won the match because of the player number advantage getting their first chicken dinner of the Regional Finals.

Points Table after Match 10:

  • #1 Entity Gaming:143 Points
  • #2 Zero Degree: 114 Points
  • #3 INS: 112 Points

Match 11 (Vikendi TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team IND- 8 Kills

In the final zone, there were 4 players alive from IND squad which got any easy win by taking 8 kills. Dark from ETG Brawler was the top player of this match

Points Table after Match 11:

  • #1 Entity Gaming: 161 Points
  • #2 INS: 122 Points
  • #3 IND: 121 Points

Match 12 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Synerge- 6 Kills

While only 5 teams were alive, PMCO' audience witnessed the most intense fights ever. Soul Viper took a lot of kills with Mini14+8X combo. In the end, a 1v1 player situation was between Synerge and Soul Mortal, which was clutched by Synerge's player.

Points Table after Match 12:

  • #1 Entity Gaming: 170 Points
  • #2 Team SouL: 147 Points
  • #3 Synerge: 144 Points

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Published 09 Nov 2019, 20:29 IST
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