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ESL India: "I am confident we can beat any of the other teams" dayV1D, Head Coach, Global Esports

Global Esports CS:GO Team (Image courtesy: GE Instagram)
Global Esports CS:GO Team (Image courtesy: GE Instagram)
Mayank Vora
Modified 26 Jun 2019

In the Omen by HP ESL India Premiership Masters League 2019, Global Esports’ CS:GO team performed exceptionally well and are now one of the contenders to win the trophy. 

Player Roster of Global Esports’ CS:GO, team: 

  1. Bhavin “HellrangeR” Kotwani (Lurk IGL)
  2. Rahul “t1to” Sridhar (AWPER)
  3. Vishal “haiVaaN” Sharma (Support)
  4. Tejas “Rex” Kotian (Entry)
  5. Sagnik “hellff” Roy (2nd Entry)
  6. Saharyar “BaDMaN” Shaikh - 2nd Entry (Sub)

Coach: Matthew “dayV1D” David - Head Coach

With the stakes high, the team took out some time and for an interview with Sportskeeda. Here is the full interview with Global Esports’ CS:GO team:

Q1) Which is your strongest side, CT or Terrorist? 

HellrangeR: Individually I think lurking on the t side is my strongest suit

t1to: I guess CT side is my strongest.

haiVann: Terrorist,so that i can One Tap


Rex: Terrorist.

hellff: Individually, I think my CT side is the strongest.

BaDMaN: T side 

dayV1D: T Side

Q2) When and how did you start playing CS: GO?

HellrangeR: I started playing cs go since its inception in 2012. I used to play cs 1.6 at a lower tier, and having prior knowledge about the competitive side of the game gave me a huge advantage going into CS:GO

t1to: I started late 2015 when my brother took me to a Lan cafe when I saw a lot of highly skilled players. I motivated me to set goals to reach where they were and later in 2017 2ez Gaming offered me as they saw a spark in me! 

haiVaan: I started playing CS:GO in August 2014.It was because i used to play 1.6 casually and i liked the graphics of CS:GO a lot.

Rex: I started playing in 2016 and started along with a school friend. Had many breaks from CS:GO between 2016-2019.

hellff: I started playing CS:GO in 2015. I used to play Counter-strike 1.6, so after the CS 1.6 era ended I switched to CS:GO.

BaDMaN: Started playing since 2016 one of my friends suggested playing cs for fun but I never took it seriously, but I started grinding because the other players in the cafe never acknowledge me as a good player so i practiced to defeat them and eventually I did.

dayV1D: 2012, just made the switch from 1.6 which I had been playing since 2004

Q3) How do you relax after each training session?


HellrangeR: I always go out for a walk for at least an hour after the training session and listen to some music to relax. It helps me unwind.

t1to: 10mins walking down but after the end of the day i take 45mins to eat and chill off only because I start streaming on YT at (shameless promotion)

haiVaan: Some basic stretching after training does the trick.

Rex: I talk to my friends and also watch some Netflix. I sometimes switch to other games too.

hellff: Mostly we go out together for a walk or I just watch movies 

BaDMan: Chill with friends play matchmaking or pugs just to have fun, I watch anime or any web series.

dayV1D: Get off the computer, spend time with family, just watch tv

Q4) What do you think about ESL India Premiership League?

HellrangeR: Esl India Premiership League is the longest running league in India and all the events hosted by them are highly anticipated by the players. It's one of the biggest gaming carnivals in the country.

Q5) According to you, a team that can pose a serious challenge in the LAN Finale?

HellrangeR: No team poses a serious challenge to us as such. I believe all 4 teams here are almost playing at the same level right now but none of them bother us.

dayV1D: I don’t think anyone stands out above the rest, I am confident we can beat any of the other teams.

Catch Global Esports CS:GO team live in action on 30th June at the ESL India Premiership Summer Season 2019 LAN Finals.

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Published 25 Jun 2019, 19:32 IST
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