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Eula and Zhongli's story quests spotted in Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks

Eula and Zhongli
Eula and Zhongli's story quests revealed from Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks
Modified 25 Mar 2021

The Genshin Impact community is hyped up for the upcoming character Eula after the character was leaked from version 1.5 Beta. As fans are curious about more details, data miners have come up with new leaks that ensure Eula's story quest in V1.5.

The latest leak lists all the upcoming story quests of Zhongli and Eula from version 1.5 of Genshin Impact. The list reveals the titles and tasks of Zhongli's 2nd story quests and Eula's introduction story quest.

Eula and Zhongli's story quests spotted in Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks

The leak comes from Genshin Honey Hunter World, also known as Honey Impact. According to the leaks, Genshin Impact version 1.5 will feature 2 new story quests for Zhongli and the upcoming character Eula.

Eula's story quest is named "The Spray Shall Never Return To The Sea." The series of quests for Eula's storyline will be called "Aspergine Maris Chapter: Act 1." The Act will be divided into three quests, which are:

  1. Shadow of the Past
  2. Speech and Etiquette
  3. Through the Motions, to the Heart
Eula's story quest: The Spray Shall Never Return To The Sea (Image via AeEntropy)

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Zhongli's story quest has already been introduced during his introduction. The upcoming story quest will be a continuation of his last story chapter. Zhongli's second story quest will be called "No Mere Stone." Similarly, Zhongli's series of quests is named "Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act 2." Act 2 will have 4 quests, which are:

  1. Strange Sights, Stolen Souls
  2. Truth in the Stones
  3. Shifting Earth and Lost Threads Come to Light
  4. Amidst Chaos, the Rock is Unmoved
Zhongli's upcoming story quest: No Mere Stone (Image via AeEntropy)

The leaker also revealed that Genshin Impact will be adding two more hangout events for Diona and Noelle. It also hints that the publisher might make the Hangout Event for other characters that lack a story quest in the game.

To play Zhongli and Eula's story quests in version 1.5 of Genshin Impact, players will need a minimum Adventure Rank of 40. Story Quests may require story keys to be unlocked.

Also, there is a possibility that Genshin Impact may remove Adventure Rank and story key requirements for a limited time during the introduction of new characters in version 1.5

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Published 25 Mar 2021, 00:05 IST
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