Every new creature in ARK: Lost Island and their spawn locations

New Ark: Lost Island creatures (Image via ARK)
New Ark: Lost Island creatures (Image via ARK)
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Ark: Lost Island has been one of the most exciting DLCs in the Ark: Survival Evolved. Lost Island is the ultimate ARK map, taking the best elements from popular maps such as the Scorched Earth, Genesis, The Center, Ragnarok, and last but not least, the Island. Collecting resources and fighting enemies has become much more exciting than ever before.


Ark: Lost Island was the first community map released with three new creatures and included a creature chosen by the ARK community. Here are all the new creatures introduced in Ark: Lost Island.

All new creatures in Ark: Lost Island

1) Sinomacrops

Sinomacrops, Ark: Lost Island (Image via ARK Wiki)
Sinomacrops, Ark: Lost Island (Image via ARK Wiki)

Sinomacrops are friendly and curious little pterosaurs. They are usually very intelligent and always interested. However, get afraid quickly. When scared, they open their wings, revealing eye-like patterns to scare away or confuse others. Once tamed, these little creatures are pretty beneficial.

Sinomacrops always stay near their owner and even protect them from small creatures. Though they are tiny, they can easily hunt down bugs twice their size. Sinomacrops, while mounted on the shoulder, can act as a parachute and a glider.

Sinomacrops can also reduce 50% of weight in its inventory, increasing the player’s carry limit. These flying menaces can be found almost throughout the map, especially near 62, 45.

2) Amargasaurus

Amargasaurus, Ark: Lost Island (Image via ARK Wiki)
Amargasaurus, Ark: Lost Island (Image via ARK Wiki)

Amargasaurus is the most unique-looking creature in the sauropod family. It has two parallel rows of spines down its neck, back, and tail, and the neck spines are much longer than the back or tail spines. These spines can hold extreme heat or extreme cold, enabling Amargasaurus to survive in any condition.

Amargasaurus charges violently against any threat. It can throw spikes and has three spike modes to choose from. Armor spike that reduces the target's armor effectively. Heat spikes burn the target. Cold spikes freeze the target.

Amargasaurus can be a great mortar in fights because of its ranged spike attack. They are also good at farming tree saps. Amargasaurus mostly spawn in the snow biome (35, 40 approx).

3) Dinopithecus

Dinopithecus, Ark: Lost Island (Image via ARK Wiki)
Dinopithecus, Ark: Lost Island (Image via ARK Wiki)

Dinopithecus is another creature added to Ark: Lost Island. They are primitive baboons who like to roam in packs and have an alpha pack leader. Once the leader is slain, they fall apart. These baboons usually have a vegetarian diet, but they eat meat when needed.

Dinopithecus are great climbers. They also throw feces with some parasites, which can even disable TEK. If tamed enough Dinopithecus, one can have an army of them who will follow the lead of the alpha.

Dinopithecus is great for transportation. One doesn't need a mount to ride them because they normally make one out of their tail. Dinopithecus are also great battle mounts. They can jump and climb high, wear helmets, and are typically found at the center of the map, in redwoods (45, 50 approx.)

4) Dinopithecus King


Dinopithecus King is the newly added and only boss on Ark: Lost Island. It is the largest variant of Dinopithecus. This boss creature is even taller than Rex or Megapithecus. Dinopethicus King wears a Rex skull helmet with feathers on top, leaving braces on his arm, claws, and Amargasaurus spikes.

Depending on the difficulty, three varieties of Dinopithecus King are seen in the game: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Alpha wears a red Rex skull and has red cheeks and a beard, which changes to blue for beta and green for gamma. It is a tough boss to defeat.

The king summons hordes of Dinopithecus, throwing feces at the player. Two types of minions defend the boss. The first type flies using Sinomacrops, throwing rocks at the player. The other ride Amargasaurus and attacks the player using its spikes.

The king himself can bite attack, slam attack, throw grenades and use the abilities of the Amargasaurus spikes. Weirdly enough, Dinopithecus King has many similar features as the dragon bosses.

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