Every PUBG New State (Mobile) location teased from the upcoming maps so far

PUBG New State Mobile locations (Image via Twitter)
PUBG New State Mobile locations (Image via Twitter)
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PUBG New State Mobile has revealed a few locations from upcoming maps, which have made players excited beyond measure.

The upcoming title from the PUBG Mobile family aims to bring considerable changes to the world of battle royale. Krafton Inc. has announced that the game will feature an exclusive gaming graphic that has never been seen before.

Here is what the developers have to say:

"Ultra-realistic graphics that exceed the limits of mobile gaming with the "global illumination" technology, PUBG: NEW STATE surpasses what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics."

PUBG New State Mobile is set in the year 2051. Hence, players can expect a lot of futuristic things to be implemented regarding weapons and vehicles.

Ever since the title was announced, gamers have been eager to know about the locations of PUBG New State Mobile. The developers have recently revealed certain locations from upcoming maps.

PUBG New State Mobile: Locations from the upcoming map

Krafton Inc. started teasing the locations through their official social media accounts. So far, the developers have revealed three locations from the city of Troi, and each one of them is unique in its own way.

The first location that was revealed by the developers was an "Exhibit Hall." It was a favorite tourist spot when the city was under normal circumstances. The spot serves as a popular destination in 2051 but only for ruthless survivors.

Krafton Inc. revealed the location of The Mall a few days ago. The Mall served as one of the popular gathering places for the citizens of Troi. It is now empty, and there are signs of vandalism which proves that in 2051 it serves as a hot spot for battle.

Krafton Inc. recently revealed a third location for PUBG New State Mobile. The latest location is that of a science laboratory. While the people of Troi considered it to be a development center, others were doubtful and thought of it as a place for conducting several experiments.

The three locations of PUBG New State Mobile reveal important information regarding its gameplay. The developers have worked efficiently and have been successful in adding a futuristic touch to these buildings.

Each of these locations consists of buildings and are perfect spawn points with effective weapons and ammunition. Here, players can expect to find proper medical equipment as well.

The buildings, along with the adjoining areas, will provide a perfect place for all kinds of battles. Players can have a face-to-face confrontation with enemies, whereas some can hide and snipe from a distance.

The city of Troi is an 8x8 map, and therefore, it is expected that more locations will come up. Players are advised to keep an eye on PUBG New State Mobile's official social media accounts as it is expected that Krafton Inc. will release some more locations in the near future.

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