Every race in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

There are plenty of races to choose from in Pathfinder (Image via Owlcat Games)
There are plenty of races to choose from in Pathfinder (Image via Owlcat Games)

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous starts players out by having them create a character, and each new creation will require them to pick a race. Considering Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is a classic role-playing game, there are plenty of races for players to choose from.

After players choose the class that they want to play in Pathfinder, the next step will be to choose a race. There are a total of 12 races for players to choose from and the decision certainly has some sway within the game. Depending on the combination of race and class, there are some great bonuses that players can utilize.

Some of the choices for races in Pathfinder will come down to personal preference, and each one has its own lore attached to them. Regardless, they will all be listed below.

All of the races in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous



Like many other RPG games, Humans are the most generalized race that can be picked for a character. They are essentially an empty mold that can be used in Pathfinder for players to change as they please later on. Humans have the option to give any ability score plus two when the game begins.


Another fantasy RPG staple, Dwarves are sturdy warriors with an attack bonus to Orcs and Goblinoids. The bonus is based on lore. Players will also receive more constitution with a negative to charisma.


Rounding out the main three, Elves have great agility and potential for magic in Pathfinder. The negative they receive is in the form of constitution.


As the name suggests, a Half-Elf is one half Elf and another half Human. This race can add two points to any ability at the start of the game.


Though they look like demons, this race is the product of Humans and Fiends. Their talents can be dictated by who their parents were.


Halflings are another incredibly agile class in Pathfinder. They have the option to make their way through smaller spaces within the game and their negative aspect is based on strength.


This race is thought to be half Human and half Celestial. They are able to choose which passives they want at the start of the game and it makes the option versatile.


Similar to the Halfling, Gnomes are also agile but not to the same degree. They have more magic and the same negative hit to strength on Pathfinder.


Most Humans don't have a heritage line, but Oreads are Humans that have elemental heritage lines. This allows them to modify abilities to a degree.


Like the Half-Elf, this race is half Human and half Orc. They essentially can choose ability points from either the Orc or the Human side of the skills they have in Pathfinder.


This race has some vampire blood within them. They are able to modify their heritage lines at the start of Pathfinder.


The final race to choose from, Kitsune members are a race that resembles fox people. They can shapeshift and are known for their sly powers, resembling that of a fox.