Every secret place in Roblox Brookhaven

A featured image for Brookhaven. (Image via Roblox Corporation)
A featured image for Brookhaven. (Image via Roblox Corporation)

Roblox Brookhaven is one of the most popular role-playing games on the entire Roblox platform.

In Roblox Brookhaven, players can explore the town, roleplay with friends, own their dream house, collect cars, and much more. In terms of exploring, the game boasts a vast number of locations, including secret ones.


Roblox Brookhaven players may never see these places during their entire gameplay. However, if they know where to look, they can make it a special hideout in the game.

All secret places in Roblox Brookhaven

A featured image for Brookhaven. (Image via Roblox Corporation)
A featured image for Brookhaven. (Image via Roblox Corporation)

There are currently 33 secret locations in Roblox Brookhaven. Read ahead to know more about them:

  • CLEANERS: Go to CLEANERS, move down the ramp, click on the hanging light, and enter the secret trap door that opens.
  • Brookhaven Bank: Follow the path in the CLEANERS secret place and use a green key to open the door and find the vault.
  • Bank Vault: This requires a friend. Explode the vault door with a bomb; enter, jump on the racks, then jump on the friend's head to reach a secret room.
  • Arcade: Climb the stairs in the arcade to find a birthday party area.
  • Brookhaven Hospital: Above the front desk is a hole that players can enter to find a secret lab.
  • Brookhaven Cemetery: Just stand in front of a grave for long enough and fall in.
  • Secret Cave: Ride a vehicle to the top of the mountain. Then ride one of the drones there. It will take players to a secret cave.
  • Secret House: Go behind the airport to find an abandoned house in the trees.
  • Hidden Wall: Select the modern house option. Once it is built, climb the stairs, shrink a bit, and jump on the table. Simply move through the wall now.
  • Secret Wall: There is a wall on the other side of the table that players just jumped off of.
  • Bed: Players can move to the bedroom of the modern house in Roblox Brookhaven and just hide inside of the bed.
  • Outer Wall: Use a ladder to climb the outside of the house and hide in the wall.
  • Dark Scary House: Choose the dark scary house to find a ton of secret locations.
  • Box: Enter the dark scary house, squeeze one's size, and hide in the boxes.
  • Wall: Players can jump on the boxes and hide in the wall.
  • Stairs: Under, at the top of, and near the stairs are all walls players can hide in.
  • Gate of Garage: Squeeze size to .5 and enter from the garage. Climb up the gate for a nice secret location in Roblox Brookhaven.
  • Microwave Oven: Head to the kitchen and shrunken players can hide in the microwave.
  • Dressing Room: Go to the elevator, pass through the wall, and hide in the dressing room cupboards.
  • Roof: Move to the roof of the house with the elevator.
  • Reading Spot: Players can enter the house from the front door, squeeze their size, and go upstairs. There is a place where players can drop into near the bed.
  • Kids Room: Move to the kids room and climb the bunk bed. Jump and reach a hiding spot.
  • Shower Teleport: Players can pass through the wood near the shower to find themselves in another area.
  • Bathroom Sink: Crouch under the bathroom sink and hide in there.
  • Hidden Death Spot: Go the grave in the backyard. Players can hide behind the bushes there.
  • House Entrance: Players can squeeze their size to hide under the ramp at the house entrance.
  • Kids Play Room: Enter the modern house and hide behind the dresser in the kids bedroom.
  • Couch: Players can sit on a couch then remove the house. Once removed, they can use the house as a hiding place.
  • Fire Station: Place a sleeping bag on the pillar between the fire station doors. Go to the roof and jump off onto the sleeping bag to find a huge hiding place.
  • Hair Salon: Lay down on the floor of the hair salon. Players can then crawl under the sofa.
  • Luxury Apartment: Jump on the sink of the Roblox Brookhaven Luxury Apartment. Then jump on the bushes. Players can hide here.
  • Burger Shop: Enter the kitchen of the mall's burger shop. Players can then increase their size, jump on the oven, and then onto the roof.
  • Cinema: The mall has a theater. Players can hide behind the screen here for the final Roblox Brookhaven secret place.
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