Everything in the Founders Pack for Lost Ark

Lost Ark expands to Europe and North America on February 11, 2022 (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark expands to Europe and North America on February 11, 2022 (Image via Smilegate RPG)
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Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMORPG that is making its grand debut in North America and Europe this month. The game is already very popular and well-received in its native country of South Korea.

The game is being published in the west by Amazon and is putting out a ton of content to draw in new players. One of those big pushes is the Founders Pack, which starts new players off with several head starts.

All details about Lost Ark's multiple Founders Packs

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A Lost Ark player can begin their journey three days early by paying for a Founders Pack in the otherwise free game. Founder's Pack buyers can start playing the game on February 8.

Beyond that, there are four Founder's Packs at increasing costs which confer increasing benefits. Each contains the head start, an exclusive pet, an exclusive in-game title, and a 30-day crystalline aura.

Crystalline Aura confers a ton of minor quality-of-life improvements to make navigating the world cheaper and easier. This is the content of the Bronze pack, which runs $14.99.

The Silver pack, at $24.99, adds 1000 Royal Crystals, which are the paid currency of the game. The pack also includes the Silver Supply Crate, which contains 30 Resurrection Feathers, which revive the player after death.

It also includes 10,000 silver, a beginners toolset, and a crate of weapons and summoning items. The chest levels up with the player, granting more rewards.

The Gold Pack, at $49.99, raises the Royal Crystals to 4000, ups the Supply Crate to Gold and adds an exclusive skin. Gold and Platinum add a second character slot.

Finally, at $99.99, the Platinum Pack increases the Royal Crystals to 7000, increases the Supply Crate to Platinum, and starts the player with a ton of resources.

This also comes with another exclusive skin, an exclusive mount (a three-headed horse), a bewallpaper, structure, gift chest, and card pack in the Platinum Welcome Crate.

Should players buy the Founders Packs?

Lost Ark Founder's Pack Breakdown. (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark Founder's Pack Breakdown. (Image via Smilegate RPG)

There's certainly a ton of rewards in these Founder's Packs, but the question of value is always present. No one wants to spend a bunch of money on a free game, then quit playing it after a couple of weeks. The bright side is that Lost Ark is a proven game.

The tremendous number of items in the game's Founder's Pack does make it a tempting purchase for those interested in the game. Players who want to get in early, level up fast and hit the cap immediately can't go wrong with a Founder's Pack.

Players more interested in facing the game's challenges as they come and move at their own pace will find Lost Ark just fine without the added expense.

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