Everything to know about the Pokemon Go Spring into Spring collection event

The Spring into Spring event (Image via Niantic)
The Spring into Spring event (Image via Niantic)
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Pokemon GO players have four days to complete the Spring into Spring collection challenge, so every bit of information helps!

Before April 8th at 8:00 PM local time, players will need to collect ten different Pokemon that are (at least vaguely) connected to the theme of Spring. The list can be found in-game by tapping the binoculars in the lower-right corner of the screen. Players must remember that previously caught or obtained Pokemon don't count towards the current collection.

All the details about the Spring into Spring Pokemon GO collection event

The Collection Challenges screen (Image via Niantic)
The Collection Challenges screen (Image via Niantic)

First off, the most critical part: the list of Pokemon needed for this year's Spring into Spring Collection:

  1. Exeggcute
  2. Shadow Exeggcute
  3. Buneary
  4. Bunnelby
  5. Plusle
  6. Minun
  7. Flower Crown Pikachu
  8. Diggersby
  9. Azumarill
  10. Flower Crown Chansey

Exeggcute can be found in the wild, but Shadow Exeggcute will need to be snatched from a member of Team Rocket. Exeggcute is also a critical factor in this Spring event, as catching 25 of the egg-like Pokemon will net players a shot at Flower Crown Chansey, an Azumarill, and a 50/50 chance of a Buneary.

Buneary can also be found in the wild.

Gamers can find it in the wild or through One-Star Raids. #8 on the list, Diggersby, is the evolution of Bunnelby, meaning players will need plenty of candies.

Plusle and Minun can both be found in the wild, but a Magnetic Lure Module will help attract them if they don't pop up. Heading to a Team Rocket-invaded PokeStop, checking for Shadow Exeggcute, and popping down a Magnetic Lure Module is an excellent plan to cross off multiple objectives at once.

Flower Crown Pikachu is mostly the same as Bunnelby, where catching one in the wild or via One-Star Raids are the solutions. However, hatching a Flower Crown Pichu and evolving it is also a viable option, especially since players will likely be traveling between PokeStops, Raids, and Mega Raids anyways. Hatching a few 2km eggs won't take any extra effort at all.

Azumarill requires either evolving a Marill, completing the said egg-catching field task, or finding it in a Three-Star Raid.

Flower Crown Chansey is very close to Flower Crown Pikachu in that it can either be caught in the wild or evolved from its a Flower Crown variant of its pre-evolution, Happiny. The last Pokemon also hatches from 2km eggs.

However, a Chansey can also be drawn out by catching the full array of 25 Exeggcutes.

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