Evil Dead: The Game likely not coming to PlayStation Now

Fans of the Evil Dead series wish to see the game on PlayStation Now (Image via Saber Interactive)
Fans of the Evil Dead series wish to see the game on PlayStation Now (Image via Saber Interactive)

Evil Dead: The Game features a lot of objective-based gameplay, and can be quite intense. Needless to say, fans of the series are eager to get their hands on the game. Some players are wondering if the game will be published on PlayStation Now. However, with the upcoming changes to the service, as well as the game's recent release, this seems unlikely to happen at this time.

Evil Dead: The Game is a match made in heaven for fans of the Evil Dead series. Featuring asymmetrical horror gameplay, players can pit a group of four survivors against hordes of demons and another player who acts as the Kandarian Demon. Both teams will struggle for survival as the survivors attempt to retrieve the Necronomicon, while the Kandarian Demon threatens to destroy it forever.

Fans are unlikely to see Evil Dead: The Game coming to PlayStation Now


As of right now, Evil Dead: The Game is not available on PlayStation Now. It remains uncertain whether this will change in the future, but it looks like the answer is leaning more towards the negative.

This is because PlayStation is going to be changing the method of how PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are offered. Those two services will be combined into a tiered method.

Players will be able to pay different amounts for the different levels of PlayStation Plus, which will enable them to stream and download different games, with a greater number being available at higher tiers. However, in addition to this revamp, it is also unlikely that it will be added to the service since the game has just been released, and the developer will most likely want to see how it sells on its own first.

No definitive news has been made eitherway yet

Evil Dead: The Game is a great option for fans of the Evil Dead series. However, nothing has been confirmed either way if the game will be coming to PlayStation Now or not.

In the meantime, however, the only way for fans of the series to play the game is by paying the $40 that it costs for the base version of the game. While this is not a small amount, players can check reviews to see if they wish to buy it.

Evil Dead: The Game is a fun game to play with friends


For those who want to get into the game, Evil Dead: The Game is a great experience. It really gets players to think ahead and plan their next move as well as work together as a team.

The Demon gets stronger every minute, which forces the survivors to move forward or face defeat. The game is best played with friends and can be enjoyed on every current-generation of systems and PCs with crossplay.

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