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Ezreal - The Prodigal Explorer of Wild Rift: Overview, Build Path and other guides

Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Modified 31 Dec 2020, 18:00 IST

Ezreal is a marksman in Riot Games' handheld MOBA game - League of Legends: Wild Rift. Known as the "Prodigal Explorer," Ezreal can inflict massive bursts of mixed damage on enemies with high mobility.

Ezreal is considered an easy pick for beginners. Handling him doesn't require extensive practice.

Ezreal is a brilliant bot lane pick due to the amount of damage he can dish out and his agility.

Dragon Lane is a pivotal lane in Wild Rift. Choosing an effective bot laner or additional damage carry in the team is a necessity. Fragility is quite common, while tanking isn't ideal for this lane.

Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift

This guide sheds light on all the perks, advantages, and disadvantages of using Ezreal in Wild Rift. The abilities, core build, and playthrough of this bot-lane marksman will be examined in detail.

Ezreal in Wild Rift

Riot Games
Riot Games' YouTube Thumbnail featuring Ezreal

Like most Wild Rift champions, Ezreal has one passive ability, three basic abilities, and one ultimate ability.

Ezreal's abilities in Wild Rift


#1. - AA - Rising Spell Force (passive ability)

Ezreal's Rising Spell Force in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

Ezreal's passive ability allows him to gain 12.5% attack speed, every time he hits an opponent. It can be stacked up four times, granting him 50% attack speed at maximum stacks.

Ezreal's maxed-stack timer can be re-set by hitting an enemy with one of his basic or ultimate abilities. The passive timer can be tracked from a yellow indicator that is below the champion's HP bar.

Ezreal should always be stacked up before joining a team fight. The pre-stacking can be done by hitting minions or jungle monsters. Alternatively, stacking can be done quickly by hitting R on multiple enemy champions.

#2. - Q - Mystic Shot (basic ability)

Ezreal's Mystic Shot in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

This allows Ezreal to fire a damaging bolt of energy to the enemy upfront. Every time an enemy is hit with a Q, its cooldown reduces by 1.5 seconds.

It is a long-range skill shot that also applies an on-hit effect. Trinity Force and Iceborn Gauntlet compliments this ability

#3. - W - Essence Flux (basic ability)

Ezreal's Essence Flux in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

Essence Flux allows Ezreal to launch an orb that latches on to an enemy champion or objective hit for four seconds. Hitting the marked enemy with either of this abilities detonates the orb dealing 80 magic damage (80 + 60% bonus attack damage + 75% magic damage) towards the enemy. It replenishes Ezreal's mana (60) as well.

This skill of Ezreal is ineffective on Jungle monsters or minions but can be used on towers and epic monsters. The cooldown duration of Essence Flux is 12 seconds.

Players can keep their passive stacks intact when there are no champions or minions around by targeting a turret with W.

#4. - E - Arcane Shift (basic ability)

Ezreal's Arcane Shift in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

The Arcane Shift ability makes Ezreal one of the hardest champions to kill in Wild Rift. This unique skill helps him blink to a different location and strike an opponent with a homing bolt. It deals 80 magic damage (80 + 50% bonus attack damage + 75% magic damage) to the target.

Arcane Shift allows Ezreal to attack the nearest enemy, but it prioritizes targets struck with the Essence Flux. His E, if timed correctly, can also be used as an escape tool. This is because it also works when crowd controlled.

#5. - R - Trueshot Barrage (ultimate ability)

Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

Trueshot Barrage is considered one of the most effective ultimate abilities in Wild Rift. Ezreal channels a burst of fire energy that can deal a lot of magic damage (350 + 100% bonus attack damage + 90% magic damage) to enemies that passes through. 

Ezreal's R deals heavy damage to enemy champions and epic monsters, but its damage is negligible for minions and non-epics.

It instantly grants maximum stacks to Ezreal's passive. Players are advised to cast Trueshot Barrage while out of the enemy’s vision. Its impossible for an opponent to guess Ezreal's R, hence, it is improbable for them to avoid a hit. The cooldown of this ability is 80 seconds.

Overview of Ezreal

Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift

A bot laner must follow a build path that deals with substantial ability damage throughout the game. The recommended build for Ezreal on most Wild Rift lineups is:

Build Items (Image via
Build Items (Image via
  • Manamune
  • Trinity force
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Mortal reminder
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Guardian angel

Players can also opt for Iceborn Gauntlet items when threatened by the enemy’s ability damage mid laners like Zed or Yasuo.

Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift

When Ezreal is used as an ability damage carry for team-fights. An Ezreal player should focus on taking down the enemy carries before the tanks. One vs two battles should be avoided.

Conqueror is a good rune pick for him. It grants a stacking damage bonus when damaging champions. It also has great healing effect. Some runes that benefit Ezreal in Wild Rift are:

  • Conqueror
  • Brutal
  • Loyalty
  • Manaflow band

Ezreal's Wild Rift abilities can be enhanced further when combined with the Flash or Heal summoner spells. 

Ezreal's pros and cons in Wild Rift

Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games - Wild Rift

# Pros:

  • Ezreal can blink out whenever threatened.
  • He is a beast in a 1 vs 1 battle with other AD Carries.
  • He has great scaling ability.
  • Ezreal is a safe pick for beginners. 
  • He deals constant damage in team fights. Ezreal can deal equal damage to both single targets (AA, Q, W, E) and AoE (R). 
  • He is agile and is capable of hybrid damage.

# Cons:

  • Ezreal is naturally a squishy champion.
  • Ezreal is always a contested pick. Once banning is introduced in Wild Rift, Ezreal will possibly be the ban-list topper.

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Published 31 Dec 2020, 18:00 IST
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