Fact Check: Is High On Life an open world game?

High On Life will not be an open world adventure (Image via High On Life)
High On Life will not be an open world adventure (Image via High On Life)

With High On Life finally getting its official release sometime later today, many in the community are excited to try out the Metroidvania first-person shooter by Squanch Games.

Fans of the hit animated TV show Rick and Morty were doubly excited as the title was co-created by Justin Roiland, one of the show's makers.

High On Life will have comedic sci-fi elements bottled in an action-adventure in a setting filled with peculiar planets and one of the most uniquely designed alien life forms.

The title's initial announcements and gameplay reveal have piqued many an interest which has led some community members to be curious about a couple of features that the game will provide.

One of the most-asked questions among community members is whether High On Life will provide an open-world adventure. Unfortunately, Squanch Games' title will not be an open world but will instead have explorable planets, which will serve as levels in the narrative.

High On Life will not be an open-world adventure


Unfortunately, those who were expecting Squanch Games' upcoming title to be an open-world space odyssey with quirky alien life forms and humor will be left disappointed. While the title will not have any open-world elements, exploration will be rewarded in a sense. But the world design will not be as vast as some of the more popular sci-fi adventures that have come out in recent years.

There will be discoverable planets in the game. However, they will work as levels that will scale the game's difficulty and work more toward narrative progression than exploration.

Players can hop in between these planets at any given time and complete the bounties and objectives they will be tasked with.


However, the planets will be large enough to allow a bit of exploration and contain two-to-three areas you travel to within them. These areas will often contain Luglox chests, Warp Disks, and other secrets that players will get to discover for additional rewards and loot.

The entire game will not exactly be a linear experience, and it's advised that players take some time exploring the various areas of each planet to make completing bounties significantly easier.

High On Life will be officially released later today and added to Xbox and PC Game Pass on day one. Hence, players can experience the game entirely in Microsoft's subscription model.