Fading Twilight bow in Genshin Impact: How to get and ascension materials revealed

Fading Twilight is a unique 4-star bow (Image via Genshin Impact)
Fading Twilight is a unique 4-star bow (Image via Genshin Impact)

Fading Twilight is a unique 4-star bow that players can grab during Genshin Impact's newest event, Perilous Trail. This bow provides a ton of extra damage to its wielder, and it is a great free-to-play option for characters like Yelan.

Fans who have just pulled Yelan but are unsure what weapon to equip her with can easily utilize this new bow. Acquiring it isn't too hard, as all players will need to do is complete tasks from the game's new event.

Here's how gamers can easily obtain this powerful new 4-star bow, along with its refinement materials.

How can players get the Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact?

fading twilight achievable day 1need to do 1st major part of archon quest before clearing first part of event

To get the Fading Twilight, players will first need to unlock the Perilous Trail event. This means they'll need to complete the game's newest Archon Quest dealing with The Chasm.

Once this is done, they'll gain access to the Perilous Trail mission list, which will task them with completing combat rounds in the Direcliff Court. This domain can be challenging, but fans will only need to beat the domain on Default difficulty to gain the bow.


Completing the Direcliff Court domain on Default Animosity will reward players with the Fading Twilight bow, and they can find this challenging area in The Chasm's Bed. This area can only be reached once they complete the Archon Quest, so Genshin Impact fans who are hunting for the bow will need to finish this story mission first.

Once the Direcliff Court is unlocked, players have the option of choosing their difficulty level, and they'll need to at least select Default Animosity to get the bow.


Luckily, Default Animosity is the easiest difficulty, and fans with powerful teams won't have any issues clearing this challenge. They'll need to defeat several waves of enemies before they finish the domain, and once it is complete, they can pick up the bow from the game's event page.

Players will want to make sure they bring their strongest teams into the domain, as they'll have to contend with a unique feature that leaves certain party members in stasis between rounds.

ayeeeee got the fading twilight

Ascending the Fading Twilight will take a decent amount of materials, though thanks to the weapon being a 4-star, it will cost a lot less Mora. Genshin Impact players will need the following to max out this bow:

  • 3x Grain of Aerosiderite
  • 9x Piece of Aerosiderite
  • 9x Bit of Aerosiderite
  • 4x Chunk of Aerosiderite
  • 15x Hunter's Sacrificial Knife
  • 18x Agent's Sacrificial Knife
  • 27x Inspector's Sacrificial Knife
  • 10x Divining Scroll
  • 15x Sealed Scroll
  • 18x Forbidden Curse Scroll

Once all of these items are acquired, players can get this bow to level 90 with ease. The bow provides a ton of extra ATK and has an Energy Recharge substat, making it ideal for characters who rely on their Elemental Burst. This bow also has a powerful passive that increases the damage of its wielder after they hit opponents, and this effect can even trigger off-field.

Genshin Impact's newest bow has a ton of potential, and players will want to make sure they pick it up during the latest event.

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