Fan uses AI to turn Genshin Impact characters into anime designs, community reacts

Examples of the unofficial screenshots
Examples of the unofficial screenshots (Image via RaviieR)

Using AI to create art is nothing new, but some Genshin Impact fans got into a frenzy once they saw some supposed anime screenshots made by it. The designs shown below look convincing too, so it's easy to see why so many Travelers got hyped by a viral tweet.

It is vital to mention here that Ufotable did not make the following photos. Instead, one fan utilized AI to make all these images. That might be disappointing news for some Travelers, yet it's crucial to state that now lest they get bamboozled into believing it's real.

One person recreated Genshin Impact characters into anime form via AI

Genshin Anime a Thread:

The above tweet got over 146K likes, clearly showing that it went viral. However, the screenshots you see here aren't from the official anime. They're actually created by a person who used AI.

Many got excited when they saw this dump of Genshin Impact characters with an anime design. Only a few bothered to check the fact that these impressive images were all made by AI, of all things.

Using AI to recreate artwork is a bit of an ethical dilemma for some people, especially when it comes to selling them. It's extremely easy to use artificial intelligence to create something that a person normally could never draw.

Just random mix between Genshin & AI and not the official anime

The same Twitter account from the previous tweet clarified that they weren't official anime screenshots, although they were buried underneath a sea of screenshots. Fans curious about the original source can find some of it below.

You can see several of the AI-recreated artworks in that Reddit post. The quality does look phenomenal, so it's easy to see why some casual people who stumble across it would think it's official.

That said, it's not from the official anime. There is no news or other official screenshots for that show past the original trailer. Likewise, no leaks confirm when Travelers can expect to see more from Ufotable.

Community reactions

@Genshinmem Iโ€™m a SIMP for this man

Some fans loved the way these Genshin Impact characters look. This community loves these characters and all the fanart associated with them, so it's not surprising that they would love these screenshots too.

The original person who used artificial intelligence to create these images made multiple photos for several playable characters, meaning that there is a good chance that somebody's favorite is included in this bunch.

@Izana_kun02 @Genshinmem Sorry but not giving credits to smne imposing AI generated images as their own
@_pandikaw_ If it's made by an AI, it's not worth it

Not everybody is enthusiastic about these unofficial anime screenshots. Some people absolutely detest AI artwork, so they will understandably hate these images too.

I know the Genshin Impact AI anime art is very cuteBut please remember AI models like St/able Diffusion steal and learn from plagiarismEven if the art was generated from serialised anime alone, AI art is not being ethically produced right now

One common criticism of these types of artworks is that the software they use takes references from pre-existing works. In some cases, it plagiarizes them, which is why some people think they're ethically wrong to use.

At the very least, the person who made the Genshin Impact anime screenshots isn't selling them, so it's not that egregious.


Some Genshin Impact fans were confused by this viral tweet and thought that Ufotable released new screenshots, a trailer, or even an episode. It's worth reiterating here that nothing of the sort happened.

All of the drawn images posted in this article came from AI.

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