Ufotable announces Genshin Impact anime adaptation

Aether and Lumine will soon join the anime world (Image via HoYoverse Productions)
Aether and Lumine will soon join the anime world (Image via HoYoverse Productions)

The world of video games and anime merged once again after the announcement that a Genshin Impact anime is now in production. This new anime series is being produced by the capable workers of Studio Ufotable and Hoyoverse Productions.

Keep reading to learn more about this series and what it may be about.

Aether and Lumine will have a new show with the confirmation of a Genshin Impact anime

GENSHIN IMPACT Anime Adaptation AnnouncedStudio Ufotable × Hoyoverse Production

The news about the Genshin Impact anime adaptation was released only a couple of hours ago. The announcement was accompanied by a promotional image containing some of the characters that will come to life in this upcoming series. In the poster, fans can see Aether, Lumine, and Paimon in the center, surrounded by fan-favorite characters like Tartaglia and Diluc.

Nothing more has been confirmed. However, since it was announced as an adaptation, its plot will most likely be the same as in the world-famous game. Fans of the game became overjoyed by the news of this new Genshin Impact anime.

What is the game about?


Genshin Impact is an acclaimed adventure gacha game where the player takes control of the Traveler, a mysterious individual who was transported to the world of Teyvat after fighting an evil witch. The game gives the player the option to play as a male character, Aether, or a female, Lumine, although this does not change the plot of the same.

The quest of the Traveler is to find their lost sibling, who was taken by the evil witch that transported them to Teyvat. On their journeys, the players will meet many unique and charming characters that will aid them in their quest. The game introduces the players to characters like Amber, a ranger from the city of Mondstadt who helps them get acquainted with the new world they woke up in.

The traveler is also accompanied by a little fairy named Paimon, who works as a guide during the first few moments of the game. This charming but short-tempered creature is essential to the plot of Genshin Impact.

Final thoughts

An image of Lumine and Paimon in the game (Image via HoYoverse Productions)
An image of Lumine and Paimon in the game (Image via HoYoverse Productions)

Since it was first released, Genshin Impact has been one of the most popular and celebrated games in existence. Fans of this adventure RPG are always excited to learn about the release of new content for their favorite video game. The news of an anime adaptation for this world-famous series has been received with praise and hopes that it will do justice to the game.

The series will be handled by Studio Ufotable, one of the most respected and reputable animation studios in the world. Fans expect this series to be highly entertaining, well animated, and capable of providing the same experience the game gave them. Only time will tell if the adaptation of this notorious adventure game will be as acclaimed as the original material.

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