Fans react as MrBeast crosses 200 million subscribers across all his social media channels

MrBeast has amassed 200 million subscribers across all his channels (Image via Sportskeeda)
MrBeast has amassed 200 million subscribers across all his channels (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson has just passed a gigantic milestone in his career. The incredibly popular YouTuber has accumulated over 200 million subscribers between his 19 channels.

Donaldson's main channel has the fifth-highest subscriber count on YouTube, with over 92 million. He is only behind PewDiePie in terms of subscribers for a channel owned by a single person. The news was announced on Twitter by the account MrBeast Statistics on Sunday.

Today, April 3rd 2022, MrBeast hit 200M subscribers across all 19 verified channels!

MrBeast crosses 200 million total subscribers on YouTube

Donaldson has become one of the most recognizable names since rising to prominence in 2017. Known for his high-profile stunts and expensive giveaways, the internet personality attracts millions of views with every new video he posts.

Donaldson began posting on YouTube in 2012, mainly focusing on Let's Play content and videos talking about the earnings of some of the biggest creators on the platform. In 2016 he decided to withdraw from Eastern Carolina University to pursue YouTube content creation full-time. While this was undoubtedly a huge risk, it has more than paid off.

At only 23 years of age, Donaldson has already amassed 200 million subscribers across 19 of his official YouTube channels. A graphic tweeted by MrBeast Statistics claims that he has over 162 million from his English channels and another 37 million from his international channels.


The graphic makes another claim that is a bit misleading. While it is true that 200 million subscribers would make up roughly 2.5 percent of Earth's population, that would assume that each of those subscribers is a unique person.

This doesn't account for the highly likely case of one account being subscribed to multiple channels or one person owning numerous accounts that are subscribed. Although that specific claim is a bit misleading, there's no doubt that reaching 200 million subscribers is a huge achievement.

Donaldson responded to the original tweet, thanking his fans for supporting him and teasing bigger things to come.

Fans react to MrBeast hitting 200 million subs

Fans of Donaldson on Twitter replied to congratulate him for his accomplishments and to wish him luck in his future endeavors.

@MrBeast_Stats @MrBeast Super happy for you man keep up the great content 馃憤
@MrBeast_Stats @MrBeast Wow good for him. Congrats on his success.
@MrBeast @MrBeast_Stats About 2/3 the population of the US.And you're catching up fast!

There is no doubt that what Donaldson has already accomplished on YouTube is impressive. As his channel continues to approach 100 million subscribers, this will likely be one of many milestones to come in the future for the internet personality.

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