“I’ll have a private jet pick you up”: MrBeast makes plans to hang out with Ludwig in the fanciest way possible 

MrBeast called up Ludwig during one of the latter's recent livestreams (Images via MrBeast and Ludwig/Twitter)
MrBeast called up Ludwig during one of the latter's recent livestreams (Images via MrBeast and Ludwig/Twitter)

Former Twitch streamer and now a YouTube Gaming star, Ludwig Ahgren received a call from Jimmy "MrBeast" during one of the former's latest livestreaming broadcasts.

Surprised by what MrBeast had to say or had planned for him, the streamer seemed a bit tensed but tried to hang on to the conversation with MrBeast. Speaking about his plans, MrBeast mentioned that he had some plans for Ludwig and planned to fly the YouTube Gaming content creator to his location in the coming days.

Giving a bit more context towards this conversation, MrBeast said the following to the former Twitch streamer by stating:

"So, I'll have a private jet pick you up Thursday night and fly you over here. Okay? I need you for a video."

MrBeast sends a private jet to pick up Ludwig for his upcoming video


The YouTube Gaming star was taken by surprise when he received an unexpected call from one of the biggest and most influential content creators on the platform, MrBeast. Ludwig answered the call and MrBeast asked him how he had been doing. Speaking of this, the YouTube Gaming broadcaster mentioned:

"Doing good, hanging out, you know. Playing Fortnite."

Following the introduction, MrBeast directly hopped on to the main subject for him calling up by mentioning that:

"Cool, more importantly, what are you doing on Friday?"

Taking a couple of seconds and realizing what MrBeast might have in store for him, Ludwig whispered a few words quietly and then continued the conversation by mentioning:

"Oh my god, you're doing one of these things, you're doing one of those things. This Friday, like this Friday coming up? Like, like, four or five, like, two days from now? Yeah, not much, I think I had maybe a shoot in the morning that was..."

Mr.Beast interrupted him and asked him to cancel his shoot with other plans lined up for Friday. MrBeast then confirmed that he was going to schedule Ludwig a private jet that would pick him up Thursday night. Laughing at what he had just said, Ludwig questioned him by saying:

"How long would it, how long would it be, Jimmy?"

MrBeast replied:

"I just need you Friday. All day Friday. You know, I'll ship you back home."

The former Twitch streamer confirmed that MrBeast would send him home via the same private jet and said:

"You'll send me back home though, right? Yeah, yeah, I could probably do that."

MrBeast then firmly mentioned that he was counting on his participation when Ludwig tried to get some time to ponder and think over how to plan his trip:

"Okay, I am counting on you. So, I am going to bake you into the contest. I just told my assistant to book a private jet. Just tell me what time Thursday. Later man!"

MrBeast hung up the call, leaving the YouTube streamer in complete awe. Concluding this conversation and topic, the content creator then said:

"Dude, I am like, I feel like a w***e when he talks to me. I feel like f***ing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I feel like a well-paid town h****r. No, I wasnt prepared, I am sweating! Oh my god! I got like the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, none of that was planned."

Fans react to this surprising conversation between the YouTube content creators

Fans in the YouTube comment section were left stunned after hearing what MrBeast had to say and do in such a surprising fashion.

Fans reacting to the streamer's conversation (Image via Ludwin Clips/YouTube)
Fans reacting to the streamer's conversation (Image via Ludwin Clips/YouTube)

Fans on Twitter had a bunch of reactions to this conversation as well.

@LudwigAhgren @MrBeast "I need you on a private jet Thursday night, cancel your plans Friday""I just flew this Twitch streamer on a private jet for _____"*video begins*
@LudwigAhgren @MrBeast Me: When MrBeast calls me while speedrunning Minecraft
@LudwigAhgren @MrBeast Sounds like when he gets us all to play basketball Random text 7pm tonight basketball
@LudwigAhgren @MrBeast When the captain announces that you're about to land in the virgin Islands
@LudwigAhgren @MrBeast ok but until he gives you his credit card so you can have the iconic “big mistake” shopping moment you haven’t truly lived

MrBeast is known for video projects that have an immense scale. From organizing a $456k IRL Squid Game tournament to giving away one million meals for his philanthrophic endeavors, the YouTuber has gone on to set a mark on the platform in the coming years. MrBeast is now on his path to becoming the most subscribed YouTuber by dethroning gaming legend, Felix "PewDiePie."

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