Ludwig calls out Dr DisRespect on his NFT project after latter labels Streamer Awards 'fake'

Dr DisRespect calls the Streamer Awards 2022 fake awards and Ludwig replies to his comment (Images via DrDisrespect and Ludwig/Twitter)
Dr DisRespect calls the Streamer Awards 2022 fake awards and Ludwig replies to his comment (Images via DrDisrespect and Ludwig/Twitter)

An unexpected Twitter beef started to build up on March 28, 2022 when former Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect tweeted out saying that nothing noteworthy or impressive had popped up on his Twitter feed.

In reply, YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer ConnorEatsPants mentioned that Doc should attend The Streamer Awards next year and cause some ruckus.

Calling out the Streamer Awards 2022, Dr DisRespect mentioned how the awards ceremony was a fake show, catered towards giving accolades to closely-knitted streamer friends. Almost immediately, Ludwig jumped in on the conversation and took direct shots against the "two-time champion" and called him 'irrelevant.'

Dr DisRespect and Ludwig clash on Twitter regarding The Streamer Awards 2022

Dr DisRespect has shown his dislike towards The Streamer Awards in the past. Back on March 16, Doc mentioned how he was not interested in short-term collaborations and was not interested in creating his own awards show where awards are handed over to his streamer friends.


Citing his opinions about the Streamer Awards, the YouTube Gaming streamer said the following:

"On this channel, we are not interested in short term collaborations just so everyone could forget the next day. Wrong! We're not interested in creating our own streamer award shows so that we can hand it to our best friends. Wrong! On this f***ing channel, in this high octane arena, we are about pushing the envelope. We're about setting the bar one at a time, every time."

Moving forward today, the Twitter conversation popped out of nowhere where multiple well-known content creators were seen interacting with each other and calling out their projects in public. After Doc's tweet started to gain a bit of traction amongst the streamer community, ConnorEatsPants' sly reply started to snowball the drama.

In response to Connor's passive aggressive comment about Doc's stance on the Streamer Awards, he was seen saying the following where he stood on his ground, calling the Streamer Awards a fake awards show.

Four minutes after the Doc's tweet, Ludwig, the Streamer of the Year, was seen in the reply section where he dissed the former by mentioning his upcoming NFT project.

The conversation continued when Dr DisRespect replied to Ludwig's comment.

Following Ludwig's final comment, Doc tried to end the conversation by mentioning how QTCinderella and Ludwig tried to develop the streamer awards around the content creators who were destined to win in their featured categories. Following that, he also stated that Ludwig will have relevance of two more years.

Fans react to Dr DisRespect and Ludwig trading blows on Twitter

The ten-minute long tussle between the two YouTube Gaming content creators came to a close soon after. However, fans of both the streamers continued to react to the conversation. Some fans suggested that Doc was on the right side of the debate.

A number of Dr DisRespect's supporters were seen in the reply section of the tweet.

Some folks tried to justify why Doc considered the Streamer Awards to be a fake awards show.

Fans had voiced their opinion regarding the Streamer Awards 2022 when Ludwig won the flagship award, beating out Felix "xQc" by calling out and saying that the latter was "robbed" off the award title.

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