"I used to make a dollar a day": MrBeast opens up about his incredible YouTube success story on Joe Rogan's podcast 

MrBeast opens up about his road to success on Joe Rogan's podcast (Image via Powerfuljre/YouTube)
MrBeast opens up about his road to success on Joe Rogan's podcast (Image via Powerfuljre/YouTube)

MrBeast has become one of the largest creators on YouTube, amassing over 91.5 million subscribers on his main channel alone and nearly 200 million subscribers, including his extended channels. The YouTube mogul was recently on The Joe Rogan Experience, where he revealed secrets of becoming an expert on the platform.

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson was invited to Joe Rogan’s podcast after the latter discovered MrBeast's channel because of Rogan's 11-year-old daughter.

The 23-year-old Donaldson revealed that he had made videos since he was 11. In 12 years, has become a multi-millionaire. Forbes revealed earlier this year that he was estimated to be earning $54 million from YouTube.

In a two-hour-long interview, the North Carolina native revealed that he invests incredible amounts of money into the video he creates. He said that his popular “Squid Game” video costed him over $4.5 million. HITC suggested that MrBeast should have made $1.25 million from the video’s advertisements alone.


MrBeast’s tips to YouTube success

In the interview, the YouTuber revealed that he was not making any money on YouTube in the first two years of his career online. He stated that he was making only a “dollar a day.” He started seeing growth on his channel when he was 18. Speaking about his experience creating content in the early days of his career, he shared:

“I would act like I was going to community college but I would just work on videos in my car and edit and stuff like that, I had straight zeroes. Once my mum found out, I was screwed.”

He also shared that he met “four lunatics” who religiously studied YouTube and how one can gain several subscribers on the platform during his online journey online. Speaking about the endless hustle, he said:

“We were all super small YouTubers and basically we talked every day for 1000 days in a row and did nothing but just like hyper study like what makes a good video, what makes a good thumbnail, what’s good pacing, like how to go viral and we would just call it like 'daily masterminds.' We would just get on Skype every morning and like some days like I’d get on Skype at 7:00 am and I’d be on call until 10:00 pm and then I go to bed and I wake up and do it again.”

The YouTuber shared that he has worked on his channel “every day all day.” He said:

“Like literally nothing else. We had no friends outside the group, that was your life.”

MrBeast shared that he has acquired massive success on the platform after amassing subscribers on his extended dubbed channels. MrBeast stated on the podcast that his team hired voice actors to create content online in different languages. He explained:

“Less than 10% of the world speaks English, so 90% of the world can't even enjoy your content. When I realized that, I was like wait a minute, 90% of the world can't watch this stuff!”

The content creator stated that he plans to set up Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese language channels.

MrBeast discussed spending habits since acquiring fame

Following his multi-million earnings, it would not come as a surprise that the YouTuber would also have lavish spending. However, he stated that he does not believe in living in a grand manner. He shared:

“I think living your life chasing like a nicer nicer car and a bigger and bigger box to live in is kind of like a dumb way to go about life. Funny enough, I lived in a super below average home and I kind of learned why famous people don’t live in below average homes because someone broke in and stole everything. I had to get a little nicer house for security reasons but before I was robbed I mean like my place was like a little duplex $700 a month.”

When Joe Rogan asked the YouTuber if he ever “goes crazy with cash,” he stated that it seems “hypocritical” of him to do so as he runs a non-profit organization.

The content creator founded Beast Philanthropy, an American charity, food pantry and non-profit. Among the many projects MrBeast has undertaken, a few include planting 20 million trees before 2020, putting out over 100,000 pounds of free food for those in need, giving away free cars at a dealership from MrBeast’s own, and a “free bank” which allowed people to take out loans and withdraw money with no strings attached.

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