MrBeast shares images of completed “Squid Game” sets, gets called a legend by Marshmello

Mr Beast posted pictures of the complete "Squid Game" sets on Twitter. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mr Beast posted pictures of the complete "Squid Game" sets on Twitter. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Earlier today, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson shared a 14-second clip on Twitter which featured images from the now-completed “Squid Game” set.

On October 15, the American YouTuber announced that he was creating his own version of the hit Netflix series. The next day, he claimed that the overall project looked set to cost him more than $2 million.

The content creator/philanthropist has been actively working on the Squid Game project in recent weeks and posted pictures of the under-progress set on November 4, 2021. Now, with the sets fully constructed, he has boasted of having successfully built sets for all the games featured in the actual series.

MrBeast shares pictures of his $2 million Squid Game sets

The ambitious project cost MrBeast around a month of his time and more than $2 million for the sets. The YouTuber even posted information about a merchandise drop aimed at raising money for the project. Towards the beginning of November, he posted the first pictures of the under-construction sets, and claimed that the project was burning a hole in his pockets.

Regardless, after spending such an exorbitant amount, the 23-year-old is finally done with the construction. The clip he shared revealed sets for the Red Light, Green Light game, the Honeycomb game and the Marbles game. Additionally, MrBeast has also created a set for the accommodation of participants, featuring bunk beds inspired by the Netflix series.

The clip did not feature sets for the tug of war and the glass-stepping stones game, although MrBeast claimed that he had created real-life versions of all the games that were featured in the series. He claimed that those sets were not included in the clip as they looked too “insane” and he didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

MrBeast has spent over $2 million on the project and also promised $1.5 million in prize money. So far, he has not released too many details about participation or the schedule of his version of Squid Game. Popular American DJ and musician Marshmello was one of the many people who chimed in with congratulations.

The musician called the creator a "legend" for actually creating the sets for all of the games. Squid Game premiered on Netflix in September 2021 and has broken multiple viewership records since its release.

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