“#FreeSanch”: Fans react to Sanchovies saying he doesn’t care about his Twitch ban

League of Legends streamer Sanchovies says he 'doesn't care' about his Twitch ban (Image via Sanchovies/Twitter)
League of Legends streamer Sanchovies says he 'doesn't care' about his Twitch ban (Image via Sanchovies/Twitter)
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Karim "Sanchovies" was banned from Twitch recently. The League of Legends streamer allegedly received a ban because he made, what could be interpreted as, a bomb threat against his internet service provider.

Shortly after the Twitter account, StreamerBans announced Sanch's suspension, he quoted the tweet to let people know he doesn't care.

Why Sanchovies was banned from Twitch

The Canadian streamer was banned on Twitch for making an alleged bomb threat against his internet service provider, Rogers Communications, on stream. While no clip is available of the comment, viewers of the streamer have cited that comment as the most likely reason for the ban.

Specifically, he said he wanted to plant a claymore mine, a remote explosive device, inside the headquarters of Rogers Communications. While most likely said as a joke or out of frustration, it is justified on the part of Twitch to take these threats very seriously and issue the streamer a punishment.

Some people said that the threat was directed at Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. However, it would seem that those claiming he threatened Riot either misheard or misrepresented what Sanchovies said.

Almost immediately after the automated StreamerBans tweet, Sanchovies quoted the tweet, simply saying he "doesn't care." Perhaps this is a sign that the ban won't last very long.

"Don't care."

While it is unknown how long of a ban the top lane streamer has received at this time, it is worth noting that this is his first ban from the platform. Twitch is typically lenient on first offenses, but given the nature of the comment, it could be longer than a mere 24-hour ban.

Fans react to Sanchovies saying he 'doesn't care' about being banned

Fans of the streamer who replied on Twitter didn't seem too worried about his recent ban from Twitch. Perhaps influenced by his nonchalant attitude towards the suspension, many fans wished him a happy vacation.

@Sanchovies Enjoy vacation ❤❤❤

Others expressed their support for the streamer by asking for the ban to be overturned. One even started the #FreeSanch in their tweet. Some responded by saying how difficult it would be if they couldn't watch their favorite streamer anymore.

@Sanchovies Free my guy Sanchovies

One person made humorous comments about how the streamer's reply to the ban received more reactions than the announcement itself.

@Sanchovies he ratioed his ban in 37 seconds what a king

While there is still no word on the duration of the ban, Sanch and his fans do not seem too worried about it.

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