Why was STPeach banned from Twitch?

STPeach was banned from Twitch for a second time (Image via lisapeachy/Instagram)
STPeach was banned from Twitch for a second time (Image via lisapeachy/Instagram)
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On April 11, STPeach was handed a 24-hour ban hammer immediately after going live. She later tweeted and confirmed that Twitch's reasoning for the ban was because she violated their strict community guidelines

❌ Twitch Partner "STPeach" (@stpeach) has been banned! ❌ #ban #secondban #partner #twitchpartner ➖

STPeach cosplayed as Raven, one of the main characters from the TV show Teen Titans. Lisa pointed out that she had worn that same cosplay on previous streams without any issues. She said the platform's action in issuing a ban seemingly out of nowhere was arbitrary. At the end of her tweet, she teased her latest purchase:

"Guess this means only one thing... I'll see you guys Wednesday."
Banned from twitch again.. for wearing a raven cosplay I’ve worn before and had absolutely no issues/bans, while playing elden ring the whole stream. Guess this means only one thing.. I’ll see you guys Wednesday

She came through on her promise. Upon Lisa's return to Twitch on April 13, the content creator set up a kiddie pool stream from the comfort of her room, probably in retaliation.

This isn't the first time STPeach has threatened the streaming platform with a pool party. The content creator was hit with her first ban after a charity stream went south last month. It was essentially a critique of the hot tub meta. Over the years, this meta has given streamers an outlet to wear skimpy clothing, fashioned as swim attire, on stream.

Banned from twitch. Next time I’ll make sure to bring a hot tub out 🙃At least the kids still get the $10k ❤️

Fans react to STPeach's ban and comeback stream

Viewers had differing opinions on the matter. A few fans resonated with Twitch's decision to ban her (again) and even blamed her for wearing revealing cosplay.

@STPeach Girl, you were basically naked 🤣
@STPeach Put some clothes on and my guess is this wont happend

But many fans sympathized with the content creator, criticizing Twitch for their hypocrisy, unclear community guidelines, and arbitrary enforcement of the TOS.

@STPeach They simply should make clear clothing guidelines so everyone knows what they get, the broadcaster and the viewer. But no, it's Twitch.
@StreamerBans @STPeach Just saw her tweet about why she was banned. Sucks that Twitch isn't very consistent. Wearing something U've worn before and didn't get banned for, then why get banned now? Twitch just sucks with their bans. Where's Amouranth's perma then?

Regarding Lisa's comeback 'hot tub' stream, some viewers referenced the case of Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Sirasuga, who is well-known for her suggestive ASMR content and notoriety on NSFW platforms.

One viewer criticized Lisa and Twitch, noting that the content creator should have been outlawed for breaking more rules in her comeback stream than the original.

A different viewer came to her defense, asserting that the content creator seemed to be making a point about double standards in enforcing Twitch's rules.

One viewer, in particular, may have seen through the ruse, indicating that reality goes beyond 'breaking the rules.' These situations should be perceived as a publicity stunt.

Lisa "STPeach" Peachy is a California-based Canadian streamer who gradually rose to fame for her notable commentary on popular games such as CS: GO and League of Legends. She is also known for her appealing IRL and charity streams.

She has amassed 1.1 million followers on Twitch and is currently playing through Elden Ring on her channel.

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