FaZe Kay caught lying red-handed about SaveTheKids Crypto scam, shocking data reveals the real culprit

Coffeezilla exposes FaZe Kay's lie regarding SaveTheKids crypto scam (Image via Coffeezilla/YouTube)
Coffeezilla exposes FaZe Kay's lie regarding SaveTheKids crypto scam (Image via Coffeezilla/YouTube)

Well over a month after Frazier Khattri "Kay", aka FaZe Kay, was unceremoniously removed from FaZe Clan following the SaveTheKids Crypto scam, he has been continuously trying to clear his name through a series of videos.

According to the information in his last video, with the help of crypto specialists, he had revealed the truth behind the scam and had unveiled the real villain and culprit behind the mess.

Given the amount of evidence showcased, it was made pretty clear that he was a victim of the whole ordeal and was innocent from the very start. Sadly, there are two sides to the story; one filled with truth and the other filled with lies.

SaveTheKids Crypto scam: FaZe Kay's version

According to FaZe Kay's research and the evidence gathered over the course of the past few weeks, all fingers pointed towards Sam Pepper, the mastermind behind the entire fiasco.

Based on the evidence, Sam Pepper sold first, and had made a whopping profit off of the crypto following which everyone else began selling it that caused it to tank and eventually fail.

In his video titled "What Really Happened With SaveTheKids", which was posted on August 13, FaZe Kay takes a deeper dive into the whole situation and exposes Sam further by revealing his wallet and numerous accounts that were used to carry out the "Pump and Dump".

Suffice to say, while FaZe Kay does take responsibility for his actions and acknowledge the loss that investors faced during the "Pump and Dump", everything else is pinned on Sam Pepper. However, the truth is quite the opposite.

Readers can view FaZe Kay's version of events here:


SaveTheKids Crypto scam: Coffeezilla's version

According to well-known internet detective Coffeezilla, who specializes in exposing fake gurus, online scams, and other such atrocities, FaZe Kay was lying by tampering with evidence to paint a pretty picture and save himself from backlash.

According to Kay's evidence, Sam Pepper was to blame for the SaveTheKids Crypto scam as he manipulated investors and sold his coins during the peak to make a profit. In reality, Kay began selling 30 minutes before Sam did.

In addition to this lie, the multiple accounts and the wallet that Kay had supposedly uncovered with the help of his "crypto specialist" were also false as they did not belong to Sam. Many of the accounts belonged to fellow investors who had lost out, while the wallet belonged to a user known as "boink_boink".

It goes without saying that while Sam Pepper did have a part to play in this debacle. According to the hard evidence provided by Coffeezilla, FaZe Kay is equally responsible in creating this whole fiasco.

Readers can view Coffeezilla's version of events here:


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