FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to complete High Tension SBC?

The FIFA 22 High Tension SBC is available for the next three days (Image via FIFA 22)
The FIFA 22 High Tension SBC is available for the next three days (Image via FIFA 22)

FIFA 22's newest SBC was dropped on October 24, and it features the "High Tension" SBC available to be completed by all the players.

Squad Building Challenges (SBC) are a great way to earn rewards by completing and submitting squads. High Tension is a single task SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode.

Single task SBCs are ideal for beginners in particular, as players have to complete only one task. Other SBCs like POTM and RTTK cards require more than one task to be completed.

In some cases, like Cristiano Ronaldo's POTM SBC, 26 tasks need to be completed to earn the ultimate award.

Here's a look at the rewards that gamers will obtain when they complete the High Tension SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Best way to complete FIFA 22 SBC, High Tension: Rewards and deadline

The High Tension SBC is a non-repeatable SBC that expires at the end of October 27. As of writing, players have a little less than three days to complete the squad and unlock the rewards.

Squad conditions

  • Nationality: Min 3
  • Same League Count: Max 3
  • Same Nation Count: Min 2
  • Rare: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 80
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Rewards: 1 Gold Player Pack

The way to move forward with this SBC will be to focus on players of the same nation as there is a maximum limit on the number of leagues.

For beginners, Spain or France will be good choices of countries. For older players, the option will depend on the existing set of fodders they may already have.


At the time of writing, the cost of completing the High Tension SBC in FIFA 22 is around 7500 coins.

Review of the High Tension SBC

The High Tension SBC is not as great as some single task SBCs like the Symphony of Goals SBC and the Underdogs SBC. Both these earlier SBCs gave better returns compared to the cost of completion.

Based on the cost of the High Tension SBC from scratch, it rewards a Gold Player Pack that breaks even more or less based on the user's pack luck.

Beginners should always focus on doing single task SBCs whenever they can. It's a great way to expand the collection when they're just starting in FIFA 22. With some luck, users can pack great rewards.

But for veterans, High Tension SBCs are not worth it at all, and it's best to save their fodder for another SBC in FIFA 22.

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