FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC: How to complete the Revierderby SBC in FUT 22

Revierderby SBC has gone live in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (Image via Sportkseeda)
Revierderby SBC has gone live in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (Image via Sportkseeda)
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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has released the first single-task SBC from the ongoing Versus promo, nicknamed after one of the most iconic derbies in the world of football.

The Revierderby normally refers to a football match between any two sides from the Ruhr district in Germany. Traditionally, it has boiled down to the showdown between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke, one of the most intense rivalries in the football world.

Daily Content Review: - Revierderby SBC - Lucas Vazquez Showdown SBC - Geoffrey Kondogbia Showdown SBC You only have a day and an hour on those two showdowns if you are interested! #FIFA22

December has so far been meh in the first-third of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team when it comes to single-task SBC. However, single-task SBCs are extremely important for the lifecycle of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. These SBCs are invaluable, particularly for the beginner players, who are often priced out of the big, complex SBCs. The Revierderby SBC is sure to excite FIFA 22 Ultimate Team fans.

Tasks, rewards, and review of Revierderby SBC for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Tasks for Revierderby SBC

# of players from Dortmund + # of players from FC Schalke 04: Min 1

Same League Count: Max 6

Gold Players: Min 3

Rare: Min 8

Squad Rating: Min 70

Team Chemistry: Min 85

# of players in the Squad: 11


The Revierderby SBC has an approximate completion cost of around 6200 coins. The cost is unlikely to vary much and the final cost of completion will come down to if FIFA 22 players use fodder from their own collection.

What is the Revierderby SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

The Revierderby SBC is the the first single-task SBC from the latest Versus promo for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. It is a non-repeatable SBC so every FIFA 22 player can only complete it once. Revierderby SBC will expire in 48 hours at the time of writing. So FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players who would like to complete this SBC must hurry.

Review of the Revierderby SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team


The Revierderby SBC rewards every FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player with one Premium Gold Players Pack. The Revierderby is not the worst single-task SBC in December. However, the rewards could have been a tad better and are not as good as some of the other single-task SBCs that have been released by FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in the past.

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