FIFA 23 Ashley Young Flashback SBC - How to complete, estimated costs, and more

A new Flashback SBC has been released as part of Black Friday event (Images via EA Sports)
A new Flashback SBC has been released as part of Black Friday event (Images via EA Sports)

A new Silver Stars Ashley Young Flashback SBC is live in FIFA 23, and players can get it for their Ultimate Team squad. While the card might not be the strongest in terms of stats, there's a justified reason for players to complete the SBC.

Flashback SBCs introduces unique cards for footballers to highlight memorable seasons in their careers. Naturally, the stats on these cards reflect the footballer's real-life achievements in a specific season.

The base position of these cards can vary based on where the footballer used to play. Moreover, they can only be acquired from specific challenges and aren't available in the market.

Let's now look at the set of tasks that FIFA 23 players will have to do to complete the Ashley Young Flashback SBC. This will allow them to estimate how many coins they will need in fodder and if the card is worth obtaining in the first place.

The Ashley Young Flashback SBC in FIFA 23 adds a silver card that has much better stats than what its overall suggests


EA Sports has kept things simple with the Ashley Young Flashback SBC, and players only have one task to complete. The conditions of the task are pretty straightforward, and players won't need much effort to complete it.

Here's a look at the conditions of the task and how players will be able to complete it and obtain the special card quickly:

Task 1 - Ashley Young Flashback SBC

  • # of players from England: Min 1
  • Minimum OVR of 84 : Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 82
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

After players complete the Ashley Young Flashback SBC, the special card will be added directly to their Ultimate Team squad. The SBC can be completed for around 9,500-11,000 FUT coins, but players can also do it for much less.

The Ashley Young Flashback SBC is live for more than 16 hours at the time of writing, so players should be quick to complete it. With relatively simple conditions, players can use fodder from their collections to increase the value of the challenge. All the associated conditions are simple and easy to complete.

The SBC might not seem worth it due to the 74-rated LM card that one will get. The overall is relatively low compared to the usual standards in the game. However, EA Sports often introduce surprise packages in the form of Silver Stars, and this seems to be one.


Firstly, all these cards are specially required to complete objectives that don't allow the use of Gold cards. Some of these objectives offer some terrific FIFA 23 packs, so that's one big reason to complete the Flashback SBC.

Moreover, this particular card has some great stats despite the 74 overall. The 88 Pace and 85 Dribbling are extremely fast for a silver card, and it also comes with 4* Skill Moves.

The card has apparent limitations, but it's an excellent pick for those who can complete the challenge cheaply.

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