Why buying coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is illegal and why you should avoid it

Coin distribution is an illegal activity in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (Images via EA Sports)
Coin distribution is an illegal activity in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (Images via EA Sports)

Historically, Ultimate Team has been the most popular game mode in FIFA, and this trend seems to have continued in FIFA 23 as well. EA Sports has spared no effort in making FUT the most engaging and immersive experience in the history of the franchise by adding a host of new features and improvements.

Similar to previous years, Ultimate Team will undoubtedly attract a large number of beginners who could get overwhelmed by all the possibilities involved in building a squad and competing in PvP and PvE competitions. Therefore, it is important for newbies to have all the help they can get in traversing the various aspects of FUT and enjoy their FIFA 23 experience.

Coin buying is a tempting but illegal activity in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is by far the most profitable venture for EA Sports and generates a significant portion of their annual revenue through microtransactions. These microtransactions occur in FIFA 23 in the form of FIFA points used to purchase packs.


FIFA points have been an integral part of the game for years, helping those who are willing to spend money on the game to gain an advantage against their competition. It allows gamers to open packs and either obtain players to add to their squads or increase their coin balance and build the squad of their dreams.

While this may seem unfair to many, this is how Ultimate Team has always operated. However, back in the early days of FUT, third-party coin sellers were the go-to for many fans as they offered a cheaper and more efficient alternative to FIFA points.

What is coin selling in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?


Coin selling is an inherently illegal activity in FIFA, as it involves the transfer of FUT coins from one account to another. This is done by the buyer listing a card on the FUT transfer market and the coin seller buying that particular card at an inflated price.

The process was much cheaper in the early days of FIFA 12 and 13, but EA Sports tried to bring a stop to this by introducing price ranges, which capped the prices of FUT items to a certain limit, disallowing the free transfer of coins. Even though this made the overall process more drawn-out, coin-selling is still just as rampant as ever.

Why is coin buying in FIFA 23 a bad idea?


EA Sports has several measures in place to detect any suspicious transfer market activity. If gamers are caught trying to transfer coins by being involved in shady FUT market trades where a card is purchased for a much higher amount than normal, their accounts can be flagged by the developers, get coin-wiped or even permanently banned from the FIFA 23 transfer market.

There have been several high-profile instances of professional esports players being disqualified from tournaments due to their accounts being detected for coin buying. This is an unfortunate occurrence, as FIFA esports players have to invest a significant amount of money into the game to get a competent team, and the cost of FIFA points often drives them towards third-party coin sellers.

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