FIFA 23 FIFA World Cup Challenge Spain SBC: How to complete, estimated cost, and more

FIFA World Cup Spain Challenge SBC explained (Image via EA Sports FIFA)
FIFA World Cup Spain Challenge SBC explained (Image via EA Sports FIFA)

With the round of 16's start, EA has released brand new content for FIFA 23 with the World Cup Challenge Spain Squad Building Challenge. The single-task SBC allows gamers to obtain some nice player packs to add to their FUT squad.

Utility challenges such as the newly released one are generally well received by fans because they offer substantial rewards for a pretty low cost. With the Path to Glory and ICON series, as well as Stories promo cards in the pool, players can get their hands on some of the unique items.

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Spain finished second in their group after their 1-2 loss to Japan and will be playing Morocco in the round of 16 fixture on December 6. Here's a quick and easy guide to completing the new challenge as optimally as possible.

Completing FIFA 23 World Cup Challenge Spain is a very profitable SBC to complete for FUT players

These kinds of Squad Building Challenges are simple because they have few restrictions. This implies that finishing it won't be too expensive even if you don't have enough fodder. The following is a list of requirements that must be met to complete the challenge.

FIFA 23 World Cup Challenge Spain requirements

  • Number of players in the squad: 11
  • Number of nationalities in the squad: Minimum of 4
  • Number of players from Spain in the squad: Minimum of 1
  • Players from the same club: Maximum of 5
  • Rare cards in the squad: Minimum of 9
  • Squad Rating: Minimum of 80
  • Chemistry Points required: 31

Rewards: 1x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

Estimated Cost: 7,000-8,000 FUT coins across all platforms

SBC cost analysis and more


Compared to other FIFA 23 World Cup Challenge SBCs in the series, this is not that cheap, considering the expenses of building a squad from scratch without fodder being somewhere around 7,500 coins as per the current FIFA 23 market rate. Of course, using fodder will mitigate this cost, making the challenge extremely cheap.

Casual FIFA 23 players might feel intimidated by the long list of requirements and the high chemistry-point conditions. Moreover, the squad that needs to be submitted must contain a large number of rare cards. However, it should not take much effort to find suitable player items from the market to fill the positions.

The SBC requires a minimum of four nationalities, with one strictly being Spanish. The Squad Building Challenge also needs the squad rating to be 80. This means most of the cards you'll be using, rare or not, will end up being gold. With that said, building the team shouldn't be too expensive if one sticks to 80-82 rated cards from nations such as England, Spain, Brazil, or Korea.

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Even if it takes some effort to complete the SBC, it is highly recommended for regular FIFA 23 players, considering the rewards on offer. The Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack is quite nice and provides about 12 gold players. Furthermore, the fact that it can be obtained with an investment of about 7,000 coins is a very good deal.

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