EA Sports adds FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Stories cards led by Virgil Van Dijk

A new promo is live in the game (Image via EA Sports)
A new promo is live in the game (Image via EA Sports)

Virgil Van Dijk has become the highest-rated card in the FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Stories promo, which has now gone online in the game. The Dutchman has been phenomenal over the last few years, and his special card is a celebration of these moments.

FUT World Cup Stories has become the latest promo to be released in Ultimate Team, which is based around the big football festival. Sticking to an integrated approach, EA Sports has released plenty of content based on the FIFA World Cup. This has allowed players to focus all their rewards on improving the main squad.

It goes without saying that the Van Dijk card will be on the wishlist of almost every FIFA 23 player. The card has phenomenal stats, which rockets him to one of the best defensive cards in the game. However, the Dutchman isn't alone, and some other excellent cards have been released as part of the promo.

Valuable alternatives to Van Dijk for FIFA 23 in FUT World Cup Stories promo

While Van Dijk might be the best card of the promo, there are some other notable additions. All these cards have boosted stats and overall compared to their base editions. Some of these FUT World Cup Stories cards can perform excellently in the game.

As the Knockout Stages approach, it's time to celebrate the players who have written past and present FIFA World Cup headlines for their countries ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ™ŒFIFA World Cup Stories have landed in #FIFA23. See more in #FUT ๐Ÿ‘‡

Complete list of all FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Stories cards

  • Al Sherri ST 84
  • Lovro Majer CM 85
  • Axel Witsel CDM 85
  • Adrien Rabiot CM 86
  • Simon Kjaer CB 86
  • Alphonso Davies LW 87
  • Edinson Cavani ST 88
  • Marcus Rashford LW 88
  • Dani Alves RB 88
  • Richarlison ST 88
  • Leroy Sane CAM 88
  • Marco Asensio ST 89
  • Bruno Fernandes CAM 90
  • Gareth Bale RW 91
  • Virgil Van Dijk CB 92

Some exciting additions have arrived as part of the FUT World Cup promos. The trio of Sane, Asensio, and Davies have contrasting positions from their base cards in FIFA 23.


Van Dijk isn't the only Premier League star present in the promo. Additions like Marcus Rashford and Richarlison will be excellent for those building Premier League squads. Moreover, both cards have outstanding offensive stats that allow them to dominate the meta.

Overall, the FUT World Cup Stories promo is an excellent set of cards that includes footballers who have significantly impacted the FIFA World Cup. It remains to be seen how well these cards will do in the meta.

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