FIFA 23 FUT Ballers Luis Diaz SBC and objective: How to complete, expected costs, and more

FUT Ballers Luis Diaz is now live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (Images via EA Sports)
FUT Ballers Luis Diaz is now live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (Images via EA Sports)

The FUT Ballers event is live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and the first SBC of the brand-new concept features Luis Diaz. The Liverpool winger has received an incredible card that can be further upgraded via the Play to Style objectives, making it a unique and intriguing promo.


FUT Ballers is an incredible new concept in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that rewards gamers for their efforts by providing special upgradeable items. These cards are dynamic in nature, but instead of receiving boosts via real-life performances, they get upgraded through in-game objectives.

FUT Ballers Luis Diaz is now live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Luis Diaz has been an incredible signing for Liverpool since his arrival last season. Despite struggling with injuries recently, the Colombian winger has impressed audiences worldwide with his sublime dribbling skills, rapid pace, and eye for goal.


His abilities have been accurately replicated in FIFA 23 with this brand new FUT Ballers version.

What does the card look like?

The initial 86-rated version possesses the following key attributes:

  • Pace: 92
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Shooting: 83
  • Defending: 35
  • Passing: 80
  • Physicality: 79

Meanwhile, the 88-rated boosted item can be unlocked via an objective and showcases these impressive stats:

  • Pace: 93
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Shooting: 83
  • Defending: 37
  • Passing: 81
  • Physicality: 80

This is a significant boost over the 86-rated SBC card, making the objective a worthwhile proposition.

How to unlock the 86-rated Luis Diaz card?

This version can be obtained by completing an SBC in FUT 23. The SBC is easy to complete and consists of a single squad with the following stipulations:

  • Liverpool players: Minimum one in your starting eleven
  • Team overall rating: Minimum 83
  • Number of players in your squad: Exactly eleven

The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 35,000 FUT coins, which is primarily due to the inflated cost of 83-rated cards in the FUT transfer market. With how easy it is to obtain fodder in FIFA 23, gamers can craft the SBC card for negligible costs.

How to unlock the 88-rated Luis Diaz card?

The objective to obtain the upgraded FUT Ballers item is present within the Play to Style objective group. The segment in question is titled 'Ball with Luis' and features the following requirements:

  • Score a finesse goal in five separate matches using FUT Ballers Luis Diaz in Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals)

Given how cheap the 86-rated version is and how easy it is to obtain the 88-rated card, this is a must-do objective in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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