5 best ways to grind fodder in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

High-rated cards are required for SBCs in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
High-rated cards are required for SBCs in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports has released a wide variety of entertaining and engaging content for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, including weekly promos featuring special cards, objectives, and SBCs. With a plethora of SBCs being introduced in FUT, gamers have truly been spoiled for choice.

These SBCs offer not only special versions of various footballers but also different packs containing Hero and Icon items. However, they also come at a hefty cost.

Gamers can choose to either spend liquid coins by purchasing cards from the transfer market to submit to these challenges. Alternatively, they can use untradeable assets from their club.

There are many ways through which fans can obtain these fodder cards in FIFA 23, including both menu grinding and gameplay.

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Gamers have various ways to obtain high-rated cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

1) Division Rivals


FIFA 23 has multiple online game modes that fans can participate in to test their skills and obtain enticing rewards. Division Rivals is the ultimate competitive game mode in FUT, and gamers must work their way up the ranks to unlock progressively better rewards. Matchmaking not only ensures that fans play against opponents with a similar skill level, but it is also extremely rewarding.

FUT enthusiasts can redeem their Division Rivals rewards every week. However, they must first achieve the minimum victory threshold of eight wins. Rivals rewards are unlocked on Thursdays, and fans can choose between three options. The Untradeable option is the most beneficial option for those looking to obtain high-rated SBC fodder cards, as it offers double the amount of packs.

In addition to the weekly rewards, gamers can work towards Milestone rewards. Seasonal Milestone rewards in Division Rivals have three tiers based on the number of games played, with the highest tier being unlocked at 90 games. With each season spanning over 40 days, it is a hefty grind. However, it is definitely worth it to obtain expensive packs in FIFA 23.

2) FUT Champions


The FUT Champions Weekend League can be considered the most rewarding and exciting game mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Despite not being the hub of competitive professional esports like it used to be in the previous iterations of the series, it is still extremely engaging. Gamers must first qualify by winning at least four of their 10 placement matches, followed by 20 Final games on weekends.

Both the qualifying games and the Finals have tiers based on the number of wins achieved, with rewards progressively improving per tier. FUT Champions not only offer tradeable packs in FIFA 23, but the game mode also offers Red Player Pick items from the current Team of the Week and 84+ Player Picks.

3) Mixed League SBCs


League SBCs are a shadow of their former selves in FIFA 23. These challenges used to be the most comprehensive and rewarding SBC sets in previous FIFA editions, but the current versions are still rather effective.

If gamers can optimally utilize their club assets, they can complete the Premium Mixed League SBCs and Mixed League Upgrade SBCs for minimal costs and obtain as many packs as possible.

These SBC groups consist of four segments each. They offer a wide selection of tradeable and untradeable packs. The most appealing aspect of League SBCs is that fans can submit any duplicate gold items they might have in exchange for some enticing packs in the hopes of packing overpowered promo cards or high-rated fodder.

4) Upgrade Packs


EA Sports releases special promos almost every week in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The developer follows a fixed schedule for content reveals, with new upgrade packs being added to the game on Mondays.

This allows gamers to submit low-rated golds and silvers in exchange for Upgrade packs, such as the newly released 81+ Double Upgrade Pack.

5) Squad Battles


While Division Rivals and FUT Champions offer some of the most exhilarating and rewarding gaming experiences in FIFA 23, the Squad Battles game mode often gets disregarded due to its perceived boring nature. However, this game mode is still extremely effective for both beginners and veterans.

While the rewards are not as lucrative, gamers can adjust the difficulty to suit their liking while also working towards completing several objectives, such as the latest Moments Donny van de Beek objective.

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