FIFA 23 leaks hint at FUT Ballers cards getting unique upgrades in Ultimate Team

FUT Ballers cards will be upgradeable (Image via EA Sports)
FUT Ballers cards will be upgradeable (Image via EA Sports)

EA Sports has revealed FUT Ballers as the next promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Despite several leaks suggesting the inclusion of players like Mason Mount and Arnaut Danjuma, not much was known about the actual premise of the promo. However, the game's latest loading screen and leaks on social media have provided players with new and exciting details about the upcoming event.

FUT Ballers promo just got very interesting 👀 #FIFA23

FUT Ballers is a brand new FIFA 23 Ultimate Team concept, leaving fans guessing about its theme and execution. Based on leaks by FUT Sheriff and FIFA Trading Romania on Twitter, the promo will exclusively feature objective and SBC-based cards, albeit with an intriguing twist.

Note: This article is speculative and based entirely on leaks from social media.

FUT Ballers cards will receive upgrades via objectives in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

According to FUT Sheriff and FIFA Trading Romania, two reliable and prominent leak-based accounts on Twitter, the FUT Ballers items will be dynamic in nature. Not only will these special versions be up for grabs via SBCs, but they can also be further boosted by completing various tasks, aptly titled 'Play to Style' objectives.

How will FUT Ballers cards receive upgrades?

The 'Play to Style' reveal was initially shared by FIFA Trading Romania, with the latest loading screen in FIFA 23 confirming the rumors. FUT Sheriff further elaborated on the upgrade system.

FUT Ballers items will be available via SBCs, and players who unlock these cards can work towards completing various tasks to earn boosts and upgrades for this particular version. Not only will these include upgrades to the overall rating and attributes, but they will also improve player traits and skill moves.

🚨FUT BALLERSDaily SBCs and OBJs. Each will be KEY to unlock higher versions. Complete with creative upgrades: New Traits, stats boosts, skill moves…Basically: You complete the SBC and will have the opportunity to upgrade the player via PLAY TO STYLE OBJECTIVE.Big. W.🔥

There will be no pack-based roster for this promo, making it one of the most unique events in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. All special variants will be up for grabs via Squad Building Challenges. Only players who unlock these cards can obtain the upgraded versions by completing the 'Play to Style' objectives.

Which cards have been leaked so far?

Since the promo does not include a comprehensive roster of footballers, leaks have been hard to come by. However, fan-favorite players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mason Mount, Dejan Kulusevski, and Arnaut Danjuma have been leaked on social media.

The latest loading screen has also revealed Liverpool FC's Luis Diaz as a FUT Baller card.

✅Champions League winner✅English champion✅Decent skillsOxlade-Chamberlain is set to come as FUT Ballers.🚀❌Stats are predicted.Who else do you want to see?.#fifa23

With this event being the precursor to the much-anticipated FUT Birthday promo in FIFA 23, expectations will be higher than ever. Players will be hoping that EA Sports can deliver quality content over the course of the event to keep them entertained and engaged.

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