FIFA 23 Ones to Watch (OTW) tracker: How to use, upgrade conditions of cards, and more

OTW trackers are efficient tools to monitor the upgrade status of these live cards (Images via HelmarDesigns on Twitter)
OTW trackers are efficient tools to monitor the upgrade status of these live cards (Images via HelmarDesigns on Twitter)

Ones to Watch has historically been the first promo of every FIFA cycle since its inception in FIFA 17, and FIFA 23 has more of the same from EA Sports. These special versions of footballers are dynamic items that upgrade over time based on specific stipulations, adding to the longevity of their viability.


With FIFA 23 having the most successful launch in the franchise's history, there will undoubtedly be many newcomers in Ultimate Team, the most popular game mode in the series.

Both veterans and beginners can use a helping hand when it comes to these live items and how their teams are performing in their respective leagues. OTW trackers are particularly useful for this purpose.

OTW trackers allow fans to monitor the upgrade status of their favorite OTW items in FIFA 23

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, the stipulations for OTW upgrades have been updated in FIFA 23 compared to previous years. Although the base requirement of the player receiving a special card in-game remains the same, the Wins to Watch requirement has been changed, and a new stipulation has been added as well.

How do OTW cards upgrade in FIFA 23?


The primary concept behind Ones to Watch has been maintained over the course of the series, with OTW items being upgraded if the footballer received a performance-based special card in the game. However, beginning in FIFA 22, a Wins to Watch clause was also added, with OTW cards receiving a one-time upgrade if their team wins a specific amount of domestic games.

The threshold for this requirement used to be five out of the team's next ten league games, but the number has been altered to three out of eight in FIFA 23.

Additionally, to celebrate the upcoming FIFA Men's World Cup, these live items will also receive a one-time upgrade if their national team secures a single win in the tournament.

What are OTW trackers?

With a large number of OTW cards present in the game, it can be a challenging task for fans to monitor the progress of the various teams across their respective domestic leagues. OTW trackers allow gamers to stay updated on the upgrade status of these cards by tracking their league results.

Where can I find OTW trackers?

There are a plethora of options for fans to choose from when it comes to OTW trackers. Most notably, FUT-based sites like Futbin and Futwiz have their own separate OTW Trackers. These sites are run by a conglomerate of various professionals, allowing them to effortlessly keep tabs on the various league fixtures.

OTW trackers are also present on social media platforms like Twitter, with reputed FIFA graphics artists like HelmarDesigns and Criminal__x posting weekly updates on the various OTW cards.

Which OTW cards have received upgrades in FIFA 23?

Several weeks have passed since the release of these OTW cards, and several cards have already secured upgrades.

Erling Haaland was the first footballer to have his OTW version upgraded, as the Norwegian was included in the third Team of the Week of FIFA 23.

Raheem Sterling, Sergino Dest, and Gabriel Jesus have also fulfilled the Wins to Watch requirement and will be upgraded in the coming days.