FIFA 23 Out of Position Challenge 1 SBC - How to complete, estimated cost, and more

The first Out of Position Challenge has been released last night (Image via EA Sports)
The first Out of Position Challenge in FIFA 23 was released last night (Image via EA Sports)

Alongside a couple of icon-item challenges, FIFA 23 also got a new SBC in the form of the Out of Position Challenge 1. Named after the ongoing promo, the challenge offers valuable rewards to players who complete it within the given period. If they're in luck, a player might find something that has a higher value than what it costs to complete the challenge.

Resource-reward SBCs are different from player-item ones. Unlike player-item SBCs, these challenges offer different resources like Position Modifiers and packs. Based on a player's luck, they can obtain something quite valuable from these packs to add to their Ultimate Team squad.

Due to their ease of completion and low costs, these SBCs are highly popular in the FIFA 23 community. Let's look at what players must do to complete the Out of Position Challenge 1 SBC. They can also calculate the estimated cost based on the coins they might have to spend to complete the challenge.

The Out of Position Challenge 1 SBC is easy to complete in FIFA 23

Resource-reward SBCs tend to be simple and generally have a cheaper cost. The Out of Position Challenge 1 doesn't break the trend and requires only one squad to be completed. Here are the conditions for FIFA 23 players, according to which the squad has to be made and submitted.

Task 1 - Out of Position Challenge 1:

  • Clubs: Max 3
  • Same Nation Count: Min 5
  • Rare: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 75
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 31
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Players can expect to spend around 4,500-5,5000 coins to complete the Out of Position Challenge 1. The final cost will naturally come down based on how much fodder the players use. Fodder are cards that are used to complete challenges, and they bring down the cost.

The potential solution is simple, since the challenge has a maximum limit of three clubs. The best way to hit the chemistry target is to use 10 cards from two clubs and then use the remaining spot to fill the link. Both conditions will be met, and players shouldn't have any problems.


Players have a little over two days to complete the Out of Position Challenge 1 SBC. It can only be completed once by FIFA 23 players. Upon completion, players will acquire a Prime Gold Players pack.

Overall, it's a great challenge to complete that doesn't demand too much from players. The Prime Gold Players pack has a decent chance of providing valuable rewards. Whether someone is a beginner or an experienced player, it makes a lot of sense to complete the challenge within the stipulated time period.

FIFA 23 releases two iconic challenges

Along with the Out of Position Challenge 1, Pavel Nedved and Frank Rikaard's icon cards are available as SBCs. The former got a base version, and the latter got a mid version. Interestingly, Raijkaard's card, despite having a higher overall, has a lower cost of completion.

Moreover, last night also saw the release of four special cards under the Out of Position promo. These were part of the mid-week release, and the cards are now obtainable via packs.