"Pathetic company": FIFA 23 community slams EA Sports after servers go down on opening day

Many were left disappointed with the servers going down (Image via EA Sports)
Many were left disappointed with the servers going down (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 community is extremely unhappy with EA servers going down for maintenance with no prior information. Many fans have taken to social media to express their displeasure.

With the servers down, players cannot access the entire multiplayer portion of the game. This includes all elements of the Ultimate Team, and it has created a lot of dissatisfaction among the players. While maintenance isn't uncommon, the most recent one has happened less than 24 hours since the game's release.

Some fans find it a violation of the extra money they have paid to access the game early. Only the single-player content of FIFA 23 is accessible to players at the time of writing.

Players have been automatically logged out with an error message, and it remains to be seen when the maintenance will be over. It also needs to be clarified whether EA Sports is conducting maintenance or if there's something wrong with the servers.

Update: The servers are back up in certain regions.

FIFA 23 going down has left a lot of players in a dilemma

FIFA 23 will surely undergo maintenance in the future as EA Sports often make changes to the game. However, the game went down within the first day of its release. The early access period began yesterday for those who have opted for the EA Play trial or bought the Ultimate Edition.

Naturally, fans are extremely unhappy with it, and some are quite enraged at being unable to play the game. One Twitter user pointed out that people have spent extra to get the extra 72 hours of the game and should be rightfully getting compensation due to this nuisance.

Sooooo, the Ultimate Edition of #Fifa23 is live, and I’m seeing a lot of “EA Servers are down” on my timeline. @EASPORTSFIFA you going to be refunding these people who paid more for the early release?? @EASPORTS I suspect not. Pathetic company.

For many, the Steam release could not have come at a worse time for the servers as soon as they managed to get into FIFA 23.

- FIFA 23 finally works on Steam- Installs- Launches- Sorry, it appears the EA servers are currently down.

Some are fed up with EA's antics and feel that they will never learn their lessons.

Love paying to get the game early for the servers to go down never change Ea never change 🤣😂 absolute jokes there are @EASPORTSFIFA #fifa23

One gamer wants EA to refrain from including early access to the Ultimate Edition if they cannot provide good servers to begin with.

Ea server down. You should gıve us refund !!! We paid money for early access !!! We bought ultimate edition.. still we wait!!! Dont sell ultimate edition if you dont have a good server ! #FIFA23

Some are also frustrated with the fact that they have paid a higher amount to get three days of early access. With the servers being down, it has acted as a barrier for many FIFA 23 players.

@EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTS @EA you charge us for early access and your servers are down wtf is this crap this is not on paying 100euros just for the server to be down during early access

Knowing the typical nature of EA, some are expecting no compensation despite the fact that players should get some of it due to sudden server issues.

I would be shocked if @EASPORTSFIFA gives compensation for those that bought the ultimate edition with servers down. Come on EA, prove me wrong.

It is unclear why the problem was caused in the first place, and it has left a sour taste in the mouths of many players. There is news of the servers now back up, but readers are advised to test it on their own devices.

FIFA 23 fans will hope that this was the last of it and such occurrences will not be repeated in the future.

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