FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards (November 2022) - Expected release date and time across all regions

Prime Gaming offers additional packs to FIFA 23 players (Images via EA Sports, FIFAUTeam)
Prime Gaming offers additional packs to FIFA 23 players (Images via EA Sports, FIFAUTeam)

One fascinating feature that has returned with FIFA 23 is the Prime Gaming reward. The system is a token of appreciation for those who play the game and are also subscribed to Amazon's gaming service.

While the rewards don't break expectations much, they're undoubtedly handy. EA Sports and Amazon Prime have already provided the first set of rewards in October, and the expected release date for the next set is coming soon.

While EA Sports and Amazon haven't been informed of the dates yet, guesswork can be made based on previous occurrences. It has become clear that Amazon has undertaken a change from the previous release cycles, and the rewards this year are likely to come in the middle of the month.

FIFA 23's Prime Gaming rewards in November could have more excellent value due to the FUT World Cup content

Traditionally, the Prime Gaming rewards arrive on the last Monday of each month in FIFA 22. Barring one occasion, EA Sports and Amazon followed the pattern throughout the game's lifecycle.


Things seem to have changed in FIFA 23 based on when the October rewards were handed out. Subscribers secured rewards on October 17, the third Monday of the month. If the same pattern is followed, November 21 could be a potential date.

The third Monday of the month is the likeliest date for FIFA 23 players to secure the rewards. Time usually varies based on the content and other stuff going on with the game. 6:00 pm UK Time is a safe ballpark to follow as it's when all daily content is launched.

Most importantly, subscribers can always follow the official Twitter account of EA Sports FIFA to find out when their rewards will be available. To get the rewards, players have to perform some extra steps. These are one-time only:

  • Ensure you have a Prime Gaming subscription in the first place. Merely playing FIFA 23 doesn't make someone eligible for the rewards.
  • There are different options for players on the Prime Gaming website. Users can have the option to add accounts or link existing ones. To get the rewards, you will have to keep your Twitch account linked with that of EA.
  • Once it's done, you can redeem the rewards when it becomes available. There will be a direct option to claim the rewards, and it's hard to miss.

Usually, the rewards are FIFA 23 packs that offer multiple cards to add to the Ultimate Team. The rewards' nature could change this month with the ongoing FUT World content. Players might receive time-limited FIFA World Cup cards along with regular cards.

These cards expire after the end of Season 2 but are extremely useful now. They help to complete different objectives and allow them to earn FUT World Cup Swaps tokens. Players can exchange these tokens for additional rewards in the game.

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