FIFA 23 The Challenger SBC - How to complete, estimated costs, and more

The Challenger SBC is very useful for beginners (Images via EA Sports)
The Challenger SBC is very useful for beginners (Images via EA Sports)

The Challenger SBC in FIFA 23 is one of the four League and Nation Hybrid challenges available to players. These are permanent challenges that will always be available. However, they should be completed soon as players will get to learn the basics of advanced SBCs by solving them, and they'll also receive additional rewards.

SBCs are a great way to improve a squad by earning different resources that directly and indirectly benefit players. These resources include the cards of different footballers and coins. SBCs generally have a limited time after which they expire, but The Challenger SBC can be attempted at any time.

Their relatively complex nature can initially seem daunting to beginner FIFA 23 players. However, The Challenger SBC isn't particularly complex and can be completed easily. Not only do they hand out individual rewards, but completion is mandatory if someone wants to get the collective reward from the League and Nation Hybrid.

The Challenger SBC is the first of the four Nation and League Hybrid challenges in FIFA 23

The Challenger SBC is arguably the simplest of the four in the League and Nation Hybrid challenges in FIFA 23. It's the first challenge in which players must satisfy more advanced conditions, which involve using cards from different nations and leagues. Here are the conditions a player must fulfill to complete the SBC.


Tasks of The Challenger SBC in FIFA 23:

  • Leagues: Exactly 3
  • Nationalities: Exactly 2
  • Same League Count: Max 6
  • Same Nation Count: Max 6
  • Player Level: Exactly Gold
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 32
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Rewards: 1 Rare Electrum Players Pack

Upon completing the SBC, a FIFA 23 player can estimate a cost of between 4,600-4,900 FUT coins. The value can vary depending on the use of fodder from a player's collection. Since there's no expiry on this, players can expand their collection to complete it free of cost.

The SBC can also only be completed once as it's non-repeatable. That being said, it's especially recommended for beginner players due to its good reward potential and relatively low cost.

A Rare Electrum Players Pack is better than a Standard one and has a higher probability of containing stronger cards. Moreover, players will also receive a Rare Mega Pack after completing the League and Nation Hybrid SBC. This is a valuable reward, given the types of cards players can get.


The only source of criticism is that these rewards cannot be traded. Nevertheless, players can still receive cards that can be used in their squads. Alternatively, they can use these cards as fodder in other SBCs and increase their valuation. This will also allow players to save coins that can then be used elsewhere for other purposes.

Aside from The Challenger SBC, players can complete some other great ones like the Newcomer's Challenge SBC. There are permanent advanced SBCs that players can attempt for more rewards. EA Sports also releases time-limited SBCs that drop some great rewards, including special cards for footballers.

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