FIFA 23 Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC - How to complete, estimated costs, and more

Players can now unlock Rooney
Players can now unlock Rooney's best card from a challenge (Image via EA Sports)

The Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC offers FIFA 23 players an amazing chance at obtaining his best version with this year's release. Since the card comes from the rewards of the challenge, players won't need to rely on pack luck or the FUT market.

Instead, one must complete the challenge within the stipulated time, and the special card will be theirs. The prime version is the best of the three that players can possibly find of a given Icon card. The Icons have incredible value as they are special cards of former game legends. Aside from creating a sense of nostalgia, all these cards have boosted stats.

Let's look at all the tasks involved with the Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC. Knowing the tasks and the conditions will allow players to determine the number of coins needed to complete the challenge. FIFA 23 players can also evaluate the valuation of the said SBC and decide if they should complete it.

Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC has decent value compared to other FIFA 23 challenges

EA Sports have kept things relatively simple with the Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC. There are six tasks to be completed, which is expected, considering the potential value of the rewards. Each task has its own rewards and conditions that must be met while completing the challenge.


Task 1 - Born Legend

  • Exactly 11 Players: Rare
  • Player Quality: Exactly Bronze

Task 2 - Rising Star

  • Exactly 11 Players: Rare
  • Player Quality: Exactly Silver

Task 3 - Old Trafford’s Wonder Boy

  • Min. 1 Player from Manchester Utd
  • Min. Team Rating: 84

Task 4 - The Three Lions

  • Min. 1 Player from England
  • Min. Team Rating: 85

Task 5 - Top Notch

  • Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week OR FUT Champions
  • Min. Team Rating: 86

Task 6 - League Legend

  • Min. 1 Player from Premier League
  • Min. Team Rating: 87

FIFA 23 players will need to spend around 430,000 FUT coins if they gather all the fodder from the FUT market. This makes the Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC better since the card costs more to acquire directly from the market. Players can further reduce costs by using fodder from their collection.


Completing the Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC will reward players with six in-game packs, which will increase in value with the upcoming TOTY promo. With 12 weeks to go, players can acquire much of the fodder by completing different game modes and using their weekly rewards.

The Wayne Rooney Prime Icon SBC is well valued, considering the rewards FIFA 23 players can earn. Rooney's prime version is exceptionally well-rounded as far as stats are concerned and could be a valuable addition for many players.

The main question is whether it will be judicious to spend coins right before the commencement of the TOTY promo in FIFA 23. Players can skip the SBC and use the coins instead to get special cards from the upcoming promo.