FIFA 23 World Cup content - Official release dates, features, Ultimate Team, and more

Several new content themed around the World Cup is coming soon to the game (Images via EA Sports)
New content themed around the World Cup is on its way to the game (Images via EA Sports)

The World Cup deep-dive trailer for FIFA 23 was just released, and fans finally have a confirmation of all the items that will be added to the game. EA Sports will add a dedicated mode themed around the mega event to make matters quite interesting. This will allow players to take any nation of their choice to new-found glories and play against AI or other gamers.

That's only part of it as the Ultimate Team mode will get massive content as part of the upcoming event. There will be dedicated objectives, promos, and more that will reward players differently.

Let's take a look at what fans can expect over the coming days and what has been included in FIFA 23 as part of the World Cup. The official dates have also been announced by EA Sports, so players have confirmation on what will come when in the near future.

FIFA 23 World Cup content will have separate game modes, along with content for the Ultimate Team

It had been expected that FIFA 23 would be getting a guaranteed World Cup mode. This was a result of the earlier explanations EA Sports gave and a PS5 glitch that had temporarily revealed the content to come. The official dates are now out, and all the additions will start releasing on November 9, following an update across all platforms.


There will be different sections that will allow players to win the big tournament on the virtual platform. They can choose to play a whole campaign or the Knockouts against other live players. Additionally, there will be a dedicated game mode that will allow them to play real-life fixtures.

EA Sports has ensured that players have complete freedom regarding their teams. Aside from all the qualified nations, a pool of 15 rosters can be used to create a custom tournament, which can be done online or in local multiplayer games. The World Cup mode in FIFA 23 will also allow players to play friendly matches against each other.

The Ultimate Team mode will get even bigger in the days to come. This will include limited players that can improve someone's squad and have special boost conditions. On top of that, there will be permanent FIFA World Cup campaign cards. EA Sports has already revealed six different designs, but what's on offer remains to be seen.

Additionally, unique objectives, SBCs, and more will be made available to players over November and December. It will all start with the release of the FUT World Cup Heroes on November 11. Anyone who pre-orders the Ultimate Edition before August 21 will get a random card from the list.

Overall, tonight's deep-dive trailer will undoubtedly excite fans, and has demonstrated what's being planned by the developers. Early impressions hint at a far bigger scale than in 2018, when the mega-event last occurred.

FIFA 23 is off to a rousing start with new features and crossplay. November could make things even grander if the features promised in the deep-dive trailer are executed flawlessly. It's expected that content will appear gradually, starting from the launch date in the second week of November.

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