FIFA launches new mobile game AI League - How to play, availability, and more

AI League is set to take mobile football market by storm (Image via Sportskeeda)
AI League is set to take mobile football market by storm (Image via Sportskeeda)

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has launched a new football game for mobile users called the AI League. Developed and published by a popular New Zealand-based game studio, Altered State Machine, the title is stated to be a 4-on-4 casual football game between AI-controlled characters.

Players will be able to provide their input at fun and tactical moments for an immersive gaming experience. The AI League primarily made its introduction into the mobile gaming market with its early access during the FIFA Men's World Cup 2022 held in Qatar.

The Early Access Variant witnessed over a thousand gamers testing the game, which had a slew of Web 3.0 alongside metaverse applications modeled to provide fan engagement and appeal to younger gamers.

It also acted as a space where football enthusiasts could predict the winners of upcoming games in the tournament.


Everything that mobile gamers need to learn about FIFA's new game AI League

AI League will contain characters engaged in a 4v4 street football game. Gamers can act as coaches, design tactics, train players, and set instructions during crucial moments within matches. Each character will have their own specific abilities and will have a distinct impact on the matches.

Furthermore, players will be able to choose cosmetics for their characters as well as different stadiums. They will also be given the option to select a country from the 32 nations that participated in the FIFA Men's World Cup 2022.

In addition, there will be various in-game events that will offer exciting rewards like cosmetics, items, and more. These events will also offer specific rewards for those who play Early Access.

The Early Access variant is already available on the Google Play Store and has a download size of 107 MB. However, according to a recent report by The Verge, Altered State Machine has hinted that the final variant of the title will also be available for iOS users. It is only a matter of time before FIFA releases the main version of the game.


FIFA AI League set to rival EA Sports FC football game in the mobile gaming market

For those unaware, popular game publishers EA Sports and football's governing body FIFA officially ended their partnership that lasted over three decades in 2022. The news came as a shock to FIFA Mobile players and lovers of the game across the globe, who eagerly waited for alternatives.

Although EA Sports have already announced that they will be introducing a FIFA-less mobile game later this year, the introduction of FIFA's AI League is set to create a rivalry between them. FIFA president Gianni Infantino also touted the same in a recent interview.

It remains to be seen if the new title will live up to the expectations of mobile gamers worldwide.

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