Final Fantasy XIV All Saints Wake 2022: Event requirements, start time, end date and more

How to begin and rewards for All Saints Wake in Final Fantasy XIV (Image via Square Enix)
How to begin and rewards for All Saints Wake in Final Fantasy XIV (Image via Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming event, All Saints Wake, is here, and fans are pretty excited to get their hands on some of the exclusive rewards that the celebration has to offer.

The All Saints Wake was supposed to be held on Halloween of 2021. However, due to time constraints, the developers could not host it before the massive Endwalker update, which came out in December 2021.

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Hence, Square Enix decided to postpone the celebration and the All Saints Wake event starts today at 8 AM GMT. It will run for less than two weeks and wrap up on February 2, 2022.

This means that players will have a limited amount of time to get their hands on rewards, such as the overall Clown cosmetic.

How to begin and get rewards for All Saints Wake in Final Fantasy XIV

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By participating in the event, players will be able to get their hands on five different armor pieces and three additional items specific to All Saints Wake.

Part of the reward includes a Clown’s overall apparel, including a hat, top, boots and bottoms, along with short gloves. Additionally, players will also be able to obtain the Halloween-inspired Haunted Pumpkin set, a copy of Modern Cosmetics, and a Pumpkin Flower Vase.

To gain the rewards, players will need to do a variety of missions tied to the event, and they have until the celebration period runs out to gain all the cosmetics that it has to offer. As the rewards are event-specific, they will no longer be able to obtain them once time runs out.

Event requirements


To begin the new Final Fantasy XIV event, players will need to be a minimum of level 15 in the game. If below, the new missions will not activate for them, and as a result, they will not be able to get their hands on the cosmetics.

Secondly, players must also complete the quest “It’s Probably Pirates”, a level 15 quest and an absolute requirement for the event. Players who meet the requirements can begin the All Saints Wake missions by talking to the Guild Investigator near Old Gridiana at X=10.4 and Y=8.4.

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