Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn event 2022: How to start, rewards, and more

The Heavensturn 2022 event (Image via Final Fantasy XIV)
The Heavensturn 2022 event (Image via Final Fantasy XIV)

Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn event kicked off last night, giving players the opportunity to take a break from their daily quests, and experience limited-time stories and quests.

The Heavensturn is an annual festival that is held in Final Fantasy XIV, and the event draws heavy inspiration from eastern traditions and usually takes place from the last day of December to the middle of January.

It's the eye of the tora! 🐅🎵Heavensturn has begun, so be sure to participate and earn your rewards! 🎁

However, the event started a bit late this time around, and players were only able to get their hands on the festival exclusive reward after last night when Heavensturn officially went live.

However, many players seem to be having trouble with the event, as there has been a lot of confusion amongst community members as to how to get Heavensturn started to begin with. Today’s article will try to help out those players who have been struggling with the event.

How to start the Heavensturn 2022 event in Final Fantasy XIV

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Heavensturn is an annual festival in Final Fantasy XIV which has been occurring since 2011, only skipping 2013 when the title transitioned to A Realm Reborn that year.

The previous renditions of the festival celebrated the Year of the Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, and Ox. 2022 will celebrate the Year of the Tiger, bringing in exclusive rewards for players who participate in the event.

The Heavensturn is a celebration of The Twelve who are watching over Eorzea for the coming years. Celestial beings like the Rabbit, Dragon, and Tiger, (which correlate with the Chinese Zodiac signs) are represented each year in the Far East, where a creature takes the place of a member of The Twelve.


The chosen beast will dictate the theme of that year’s event, and 2022 will be themed around the Year of the Tiger.

To begin the Heavensturn 2022 questline, Final Fantasy XIV players will first be required to head to Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks (X: 11.5, Y: 13.9) and interact with Tora Bugyo. However, for the quests to begin, players will need to have a Disciple of Magic or War at level 15, and only then will adventurers be allowed to participate.

The very first mission will be called 'Tangled with a Tora', where players will be required to fight tigers in order to complete the FATE 'Tora! Tora! Tora!'. After successfully doing so, they will need to come back and speak to Tora Bugyo to receive EXP, Gil, and Heavensturn tickets.

All collectible rewards in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn 2022 event

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This year’s Heavensturn event will be providing all participants a chance to get their hands on some exclusive festival rewards. The rewards that players can acquire are:

  • Gold-lacquered Tiger Helmet (Head) - 5 Tickets
  • Silver-lacquered Tiger Helmet (Head) - 5 Tickets
  • The White Tiger (Furnishing) - 3 Tickets

As the Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn event was delayed by a few days this year, the end date will also be pushed back, and the festival will be running till 19 January 2022.

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