Football Manager 2023 beta - Expected release dates, platforms, and more

Football Manager 2023 will have official license of the European competitions (Image via SEGA)
Football Manager 2023 will have official license of the European competitions (Image via SEGA)

Football Manager 2023 was announced by Sports Interactive last month, and fans are eagerly waiting for it. The developers also showcased some of the features that will be present in the upcoming title.

The release date has already been announced, and the game launches worldwide on November 8. The beta period will interest fans more since it is essentially early access to the game. Sports Interactive has kept the yearly ritual intact, allowing all pre-order customers to enjoy it earlier than the official release.

Football Manager 2023 beta will also allow Sports Interactive to make final changes before the game gets released. As usual, there will always be incidences of bugs and things not working as intended.

The beta becomes important for the developers to rectify after collecting the information from the players. Here's what is known about this year's early access. Players can also find information about where they will be able to enjoy the beta.

Football Manager 2023 beta will be an early access period and offer players an extended experience


Sports Interactive has already announced the release date of Football Manager 2023, which launches worldwide on November 8 across all platforms. The beta's release date hasn't been set, but SEGA and Sports Interactive have followed a similar routine for some years.

Unless there are any sudden changes, the beta will begin two weeks before the game's full release. The likely release date will be October 25, which is exactly a couple of weeks before the full launch date. Of course, these aren't confirmed, and readers are advised to follow all the official channels for confirmed information.

Football Manager 2023 will be more accessible, with Sports Interactive bringing the game to new platforms. The game will make its debut on Sony's PlayStation console for the first time in the series. It will be available on both generations of consoles, having been present on Xbox until the last release.


Another interesting part is the Touch version, which is quite different from the standard one. Typically, Sports Interactive used to launch three versions of the game - full, touch, and mobile. There's also a console variant similar to the mobile edition due to certain limitations.

The touch version is a wonderful bridge between the mobile and full versions and was available on larger-screened devices. Sports Interactive discontinued it last year, but it will be back with Football Manager 2023.

Football Manager 2023 Touch coming to Apple Arcade is a HUGE win. So glad it’s back.

The beta will likely only be available for PC users like in the last few years. There could be changes in the plans, and users on other platforms might be able to enjoy the early access version. However, there has been no indication of that, and it's highly unlikely.

Some major changes are being made to this year's game, and some have already been shown. As good as the release was in 2021, there are still several areas to improve in. Only time will tell how much of that will be fulfilled by Football Manager 23.

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