How to customize Challenger Screen in Street Fighter 6 beta

Want to add some flair to your online battles? Street Fighter 6 lets you change your challenge screen (Image via Capcom)
Want to add some flair to your online battles? Street Fighter 6 lets you change your challenge screen (Image via Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 features many ways to customize your experience, including the Challenger Screen. Revealed before the beta for Street Fighter 6 went live, players can modify the look of their screen when a new battle shows up for them in online play.

At the time of writing, there are a few changes, but they all look quite spectacular. Players can change the art style of their character, background, and special effects. Here’s what is known about how to customize your Challenge Screen in the Street Fighter 6 beta.

It’s easy and satisfying to change your Challenger Screen in Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6, players can put a little bit of razzle dazzle on their profile, changing the visual display when it’s time to battle. In addition to customizing the player profile, you can also change the Challenger Screen.

It can be done at virtually any time by simply heading to the Multi-Menu in Street Fighter 6 and following the steps below:

  • Enter the Multi-Menu
  • Select Profile
  • Enter Battle Settings (Square on PS5)
  • Select “Character” tab
  • Highlight the character you wish to change
  • Select Edit (Triangle on PS5)
  • Select “Customize Challenges” tab
  • Customize as you see fit

The best part is that you can set different ones up for each character. When competing online, you can set the character you want to play by customizing your Battle Settings in the profile tab. You can set a different look and feel for each character through the Customize Challenges screen.

What can be changed, though? This may change as the game heads into full launch, but right now, you can change the Character Portrait, Effect, and Effect Color. You can use three different portraits per fighter (Default, Arranged, Pixel), give the background up to eight different effects, and change that effect up to three different colors.

The effects are in the background, ranging from a black screen, roaring flames, the Street Fighter 6 paint splatter, a night sky with thunder and lightning, sakura petals floating in the breeze, and much more. The settings are also available for all of the World Warriors.

The “Character” tab is also where you’d pick the combatant you play online, and players can adjust this at will. Players can also use the “Other” tab to adjust their stage settings, change the BGM, and determine who their commentator lineup will be.

Within the Battle Settings, you can also change other features. You can turn Ranked/Casual matches on and off, ask it to confirm the opponent you’re going to use, turn Crossplay on or off, and adjust the type of connection you’ll accept from your opponents.

Within the Customize Challenges screen, players can add some flair to their challenge screen, highlighting their own personality and playstyle. On top of that, streamers can give their fans a little something flashy to watch before they enter a heated battle.

SF6's closed beta takes place from October 7 - 10, allowing gamers to try a few characters in many of the game's modes.

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