Forsen hilariously dies of fall damage after a long fight in Dying Light 2

Forsen dies hilariously in Dying Light 2 while attempting to drop down building (Image via Sportskeeda)
Forsen dies hilariously in Dying Light 2 while attempting to drop down building (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Forsen died hilariously while attempting to drop-attack a zombie in Dying Light 2, leaving fans laughing.

Sebastian "Forsen" is a Sweden-born streamer who plays a variety of games, recently playing the newly-released Dying Light 2. The game is all about killing zombies while using parkour to climb up and around the vast city of Harran, a fictional city located in the middle-east. Players scavenge for supplies to make creative weapons, from hand-crafted bows to swords that set enemies on fire.

During his latest stream playing the game, Sebastian was attempting to kill a strong zombie with an abundance of health. He decided to play it safe by using his bow and arrows, perching on top of a nearby building and sniping the brute zombie from afar.

Once he had brought the zombie down to just a few points of health, he brought out a large ax and prepared to jump off the building, and deal the final blow in a dramatic way while letting out a war cry.

"Legendary ax! Roaaaaaagh!"

Forsen dies as he jumps off a roof while trying to kill a zombie

However, his plan had a very fatal flaw that he overlooked: You take fall damage if you jump off of high places. And since he jumped from a three-story high building, he would immediately die once he hit the ground. After he plummeted down to his death, the streamer sat in silence for nearly a full minute, not saying anything.

He was upset that even though he had a special skill for a big ground-pound attack, he couldn't use it due to the amount of fall damage a player takes when falling.

"Like, what is the point of having these super ground pound skills if you die from basically any height?"

Users on Reddit shared their reactions to the clip, with some sharing similar complaints about the game's amount of fall damage.

While Forsen did fail to kill the zombie with a big ground slam, he certainly didn't fail to make his audience laugh from this unintentionally humorous moment.

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