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Fortnite Battle Royale: How To Play And Excel

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Everybody reading this article knows that Fortnite is the latest trend. It is the most played battle royale game and in my opinion, is the most well-built one in this genre.

You probably want to know how to play this game, what the objective of the game is and how to become better. Let me break it down for you; 100 people are dropped into the map and a zone is made on the map. You have to make sure you get in the zone within the said time and eliminate opponents on the way. The objective is to basically be the last man standing and you have to build and shoot your way to victory.

To get better there are loads of things you need to learn, but having strong basics will get you there faster than you think.

Fortnite can be played between platforms, so to say if your friend has a PlayStation and you have a PC, you guys can still team up and rekt them enemies cause Epic's Fortnite battle royale allows players to do that.

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Besides, this game is widely played majorly because it's free to play and is available on several platforms such as PC, MAC, Playstation 4, Xbox 1, Nintendo switch and IOS!

Epic has monetized Fortnite mainly through in-game micro transactions. This doesn't affect anyone's gameplay and is purely just for cosmetic purposes and is done through a medium called "V-Bucks", which is Fortnite's in-game currency.

A wide variety of skins, emotes, gliders and harvest tools are what can be bought from the store through V-bucks and is on a daily rotation mechanism.

Let's jump into the basics you need to know about this game. Good luck.



Most of the game mode titles are self-explanatory but let me give you a brief explanation to what you can expect in each game mode.

There are a few constant game modes in Fortnite battle royale. These are:

1) Solo

2) Duos

3) Squads

More game modes are constantly added and removed from time to time. Currently, the other game modes apart from these 3 are:

1) 50v50

2) Playgrounds

3) Fly Explosive


Like the name suggests, you're a one-man army fighting against 99 other opponents. No one is teamed up in this mode. It's every man for himself. You're dropped in from the battle bus with all the enemies and you have to make sure you kill the enemies and send them back to the lobby and bag that win for yourself. Simple as that!


You get to team up with one other friend and jump into the game opposite 49 other teams. When you deal damage to an opponent equal to his/her HP, they get knocked out giving them a chance to be revived by their teammate. There are two ways you can eliminate that fallen opponent here, either deal another 100 damage to the fallen opponent or kill their teammate and both of them automatically get eliminated.


The way this game mode works is every player gets to team up with 3-4 players, friends or random players by choice. Just like in duos, this game mode too requires the player to eliminate enemies by killing them after they get knocked out or eliminating their entire squad.


Basically there are two teams of 50 players each, of course most of them are random teammates. The map is divided into two and the teams are dropped on one side each. The 50 players on each side need to loot and meet somewhere along the divider line where the zone is formed and fight it out till one team gets totally eliminated.

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This is more like a practise match that is set with a one hour timer. You can either go in alone or take up to 3 more friends. The loot spawn is much more and collecting materials is very feasible compared to other game modes. This is where I would recommend you practise building and your aim if you're very new to the game otherwise players just come here to have fun and mess around with available game items.


This mode is same as squads except for the fact that the only guns available are rocket launcher type weapons, like RPG, Grenade launcher, Guided missile and a variety of grenades.

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