Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: The best ways to counter sweaty players and win more games

Sweats can be a bane for Fortnite players (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sweats can be a bane for Fortnite players (Image via Sportskeeda)
Amitesh Dhar

The number of sweats in Fortnite has been growing consistently. Although it's common knowledge that sweats play well, they aren't invincible. With the right amount of tactical thinking and some luck, players can easily get the upper hand on these sweats.

Players who flaunt their skills unnecessarily, even in casual games in Fortnite, are termed as sweats. These players always go the extra mile in a game even though it's not required.

How to counter sweaty players in Fortnite?


For most people, the best way to counter sweaty players in Fortnite would be to turn around and run away. However, that is probably the worst idea they could have had. If a player turns around or runs away from a potential sweaty player, they've lost the match there itself.

Running away from sweaty players indicates that the player isn't as good as the sweat. They'll feed on this and engage the player, effectively taking them out. So if players do come across a sweat, they need to take the fight to them.

The best way to take the fight to sweats is by forcing a 50-50. To effectively do this, players need to box themselves up and then wait for their opponent to approach them. Once they're at the wall, players can either choose to trick their opponent into believing that they're moving to the other side before pretending to edit another wall.

If the opponent falls for this trick, players can edit the wall between themselves and their enemy and knock them out cold.


Players can also choose to edit the wall between themselves and their enemy directly and rush at them. In both these instances, they have a 50-50 chance of winning, just like their opponent. This technique is still somewhat risky and should only be attempted under dire situations.

Another idea is to play defensively to win against sweats in Fortnite. Playing defensively means players should be careful and not expose themselves in areas where they don't control the surrounding structures.

If players are boxing themselves up, it's best to have multiple boxes instead of just one. If there are numerous boxes, then the player has the option to run away in different directions, and the opponent has to cover more ground to get an angle on them.


These two methods, coupled with some good old teamwork, should be enough for players to gain the upper hand on sweats in Fortnite.

Most importantly, almost everyone in Fortnite is used to the right side peek, so if players tend to peek out from their left side, they'll have a better chance at surprising their opponents in Fortnite.

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