5 types of Fortnite Sweats that are a casual player's nightmare

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}

Fortnite players everywhere have come into contact with certain kinds of players known within the community as "sweats."

While these Fortnite players might try hard, getting trapped or sniped by a sweaty player in battle royale is one of the most frustrating experiences for a casual player.

The 5 types of Fortnite Sweats that are a casual players nightmare

The term "sweats" typically applies to any player in any game who is trying so hard that they are literally sweating by the time the match is over.

While some Fortnite players are entering the battlefield to earn XP for the current Season's battle pass, some sweats are only looking to spoil the fun for casual players. This list curates 5 of the most frustrating types of sweats to encounter when playing Fortnite.

#5 - The Drop Chopper

When players head into a Fortnite match, the very first step to working towards a #1 Victory Royale is looting for weapons. However, all players are already equipped with a pickaxe.

Most casual players will use the pickaxe after dropping on a roof top, typically leading to quickly locating chests and weapons. Should a sweat land next to a casual player, though, players could be at risk of being eliminated with a pickaxe while looting before the game really even begins.

#4 - Double Pumpers

Fortnite's pump shotguns have caused a great divide within the community as to whether they should be vaulted or not. Some players are frustrated with the moment it takes to reload while others are frustrated with the damage these weapons can do. However, sweaty players have found a method of using the pump shotgun to its full potential, creating yet another frustrating experience for casual players.

Should a sweaty player locate two pump shotguns and place them side by side in their inventory, they will have the ability to fire one shotgun before switching swiftly to the next. This allows sweaty players to do intense damage to other loopers without the delay of reloading.

#3 - Snipers

Hardly anything is more frustrating for a Fortnite player than mapping out challenges, waiting for a lobby to fill up, and getting sniped so early in the game that they were not able to achieve anything.

While sweaty snipers enjoy eliminating players from a comfortable distance, casual players may never see it coming or have an opportunity to defend themselves.

#2 - The Trapper

Though not as commonly stumbled upon as other Fortnite sweats, trap-focused sweaty players will earn easy eliminations simply by hiding the right trap in the right location.

Traps can be set by building spiked walls right above doors, or in Season 6 with fish. No matter how the trap is set though, casual players who find themselves eliminated when entering a seemingly empty building are annoyed all the same.

#1 - The Speed Builder

Perhaps the most irritating sweat to encounter, speed-building sweaty players can quickly create insane structures around their opponents, causing confusion and leading to easy eliminations.

With nowhere to go, players stuck inside of a build tower become fish in a barrel. Casual players can attempt to break down structures and get some distance for a fair fight, though it can be quite difficult.

While Fortnite's Battle Royale gameplay brings many different kinds of players together, one thing that most of the community can agree on is that sweats are continuing to put a damper on all loopers' experiences.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji