Top 10 beginner Fortnite tips for a Victory Royale

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}

Fortnite Season 6 is in full swing with several newly introduced in-game features. These are pulling old players back onto the battlefield, while simultaneously attracting newcomers.

If new loopers are looking to dive into the action, but feel concerned about their newbie status, this article lays out 10 tips about Fortnite that every player should know.

Top 10 beginner Fortnite tips for a #1 Victory Royale

Fortnite has been available to the gaming community for years. A player who has been practicing for a few months will be able to exponentially out-perform someone fresh on the battlefield.

The stress of playing Fortnite for the first time can easily be outweighed by excitement, should players utilize the following information to navigate their way.

#10 - Dropping onto the map

The first step for every Fortnite player, experienced or new, is deciding where to drop on the map. New locations are added every season, while some familiar ones often reappear.

For a new looper, the drop site is key. After a few drops, players will recognize a pattern about where opponents are dropping, which is usually influenced by challenges.

Once a player knows where they want to land, they can mark the location on the map before dropping or simply drop from the bus and aim.

After leaving the bus, the player's characters will enter freefall until the glider is deployed. The glider will automatically deploy within a certain distance from the ground, as falling too far causes health damage. Gamers should note that freefall or diving is much faster than gliding.

Thank the bus driver! {Image via Epic Games}
Thank the bus driver! {Image via Epic Games}

#9 - Looting

If a new player lands on a building, use the pickaxe to break through the roof. Typically, there will be a chest inside. However, depending on the location, it is not guaranteed.

The most important part of the looting step is to find weapons fast. Loopers should not worry about the type of weapon they have found initially, as better ones will come along later on.

Players also need to find ammo, gold, and building materials. While chests glow and make noise to help players find them, smaller green ammo boxes can be found as well.

#8 - Weapons

After a few Fortnite Battle Royale practice runs, new players will be able to observe the difference in their gameplay depending on the weapons they use.

The basic weapons categories within Fortnite Season 6 are handguns, shotguns, sub-machine guns, and bows. These weapons can be found or crafted within the current season. Sniping weapons are typically available, but they have been vaulted in the current season. However, they are likely to return at a later point.

Figuring out weapon preferences is helpful when deciding how a gamer wants to play the game. Aggressive, close-combat players may want a handgun or shotgun. Defensive, more distanced players, may want a long-range weapon such as a bow.

#7 - The Storm

After dropping, looting, and finding the right weapon, the next element of the battle royale that players should be aware of is the storm. The storm is visualized as a large circle on the map and is visible to players as a pink barrier.

Every few minutes, players will have a large notification appear on their screen letting them know first that the storm is forming and then that the storm is shrinking. New Fortnite players will need to follow the line on their map guiding them inside the smaller circle via the shortest distance, so as to avoid storm damage.

#6 - Shields & Healing

Should new Fortnite players make it through several opponents or be preparing to meet one, they should aim to find both shield-providing tools and healing tools.

A player's shield is represented by the blue bar on the bottom left corner. To build up their shield, players will need to find Little Shield Potions worth 25 points and regular Shield Potions worth 50. Should a player find a Chug Jug, their shield bar will be refilled to its maximum capacity.

Fortnite loopers' health is represented by the green bar on the bottom left corner, under the shield bar. Similarly to the schematics of the shield bar, Bandages heal 25 health points at a time up to 75 points, while the Medkit heals a player to a full bar of 100.

#5 - Locating & Identifying Enemies in Fortnite

Sound is extremely important to any Fortnite gamer. New players will quickly learn that an enemy can be found based on their footsteps or where they are shooting from. The location will be shown as dots on their compass.

Should a player not be able to hear well enough, open doors are also a key identifier that an enemy may already be in the building.

#4 - Building

A Fortnite player's ability to build, even if it is just a simple wall, will make all the difference in an attempt to achieve a #1 Victory Royale. Walls and structures will provide experienced and new gamers with cover and an advantage point.

Loopers should understand the basic mechanics of building, which can be seen in the video below from YouTuber Tyceno.


#3 - Eliminations

To achieve a #1 Victory Royale, players have to be the last individual or team standing. There are several different ways to enter the battle royale mode of Fortnite. Players may choose to enter Solo mode, Duo mode, Trio mode, or Squad mode. Beginner players will have an easier time playing with teammates on their side to help them through.

Either way, the mode entered will determine the steps necessary to eliminate a player. In Solo mode, players only need to deplete their opponent's health. In Duos or any other multi-player team mode, the opponent being targeted will get downed before elimination, leaving an opportunity for their team member to revive them.

To be certain of successfully erasing a threat, all members of the team should be eliminated.

#2 - Battle Pass

The Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass has recently entered Week 2, which would be an ideal time for new players to join in. The pass updates every Season, or every 15 weeks, providing players with Daily and Weekly Challenges to gain XP and level up. This is how V-Bucks can be earned, as well as skins and other rewards.

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}

#1 - Victory Royale

After some dedication, patience, and practice, new players will ultimately achieve a #1 Victory Royale. Signifying being the last one standing, this accomplishment is the end goal for every Fortnite player.

While there are countless techniques, hidden details, and an intense story line waiting for new players, this guide will surely be the key for beginners looking to get in on the battle royale-styled fun.

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